Sheikh Hamdan launches Dubai economic leadership program

Empowering future leaders, cultivating leadership skills for Dubai's future
Sheikh Hamdan launches Dubai economic leadership program
UAE (Photo from Reuters)

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, initiated the Dubai Economic Leadership Program to equip the future generation of skilled Emirati individuals with the necessary knowledge of the latest economic trends and expertise. The program’s objective is to prepare them to assume leadership roles in Dubai’s crucial sectors, ensuring their competency and ability to contribute effectively.

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Leadership Development (MBRCLD), in partnership with esteemed international organizations specializing in the field of economy, has orchestrated the comprehensive program. In fact, this program is designed to empower national talent by providing them with high-quality education and targeted activities that cultivate their essential leadership skills for the future.

Fostering growth

The primary objective of the Dubai Economic Leadership Program is to foster the growth of exceptional national talents by cultivating their leadership skills and creating an environment conducive to their development. Through the program, new and innovative themes are explored to enhance the capabilities of promising individuals and support outstanding talent. Additionally, the program aligns with the ambitious goals of D33, which include doubling Dubai’s economic growth within the next decade and solidifying its position as one of the world’s top three cities.

AED32 trillion

Over the next decade, D33 has an aspiration. The goal is to double Dubai’s economy. The target size is an impressive AED32 trillion ($8.71 trillion).

As part of the plan, a comprehensive program is envisioned. The program aims to support the growth of 30 private companies. In addition, the objective is to enable these companies to attain unicorn status. Unicorn status signifies a valuation exceeding AED3.67 billion ($1 billion).

Furthermore, additional business incubators will be established to foster the development of private companies, with a focus on nurturing the growth of the most promising 400 entities.

Global benchmark

Additionally, the D33 strategy has a duration of 10 years. Its primary objective is to position Dubai as the global benchmark for safety and connectivity. The aim is to make Dubai the preferred choice for major international companies and investments.

Moreover, the strategy has a vision of transforming Dubai into the world’s safest city. It also aims to make Dubai the most interconnected city globally. By achieving these goals, Dubai seeks to solidify its reputation as a highly desirable destination for businesses and investment opportunities.

Ambitious targets

Furthermore, the agenda is designed to foster sustainable economic growth by implementing innovative approaches.

The strategy sets ambitious targets. One of these targets is to increase the overall value of foreign trade. Over the past 10 years, the value stood at AED14.2 trillion. The goal is to raise it to AED25.6 trillion.

Additionally, the agenda aims to expand Dubai’s network of trade partners by adding 400 cities as key collaborators throughout the next decade.

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