WGS 2024: Sheikh Mohammed meets Klaus Schwab, Kristalina Georgieva in Dubai

Dubai Ruler stressed the need for global economies to cooperate
WGS 2024: Sheikh Mohammed meets Klaus Schwab, Kristalina Georgieva in Dubai
Schwab and Georgieva praised quality of discussions at WGS

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, met several high-ranking officials ahead of the World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024 in Dubai.

Over 25 heads of state and governments, 85 international organizations, government delegations, and global thought leaders and experts are participating in the three-day event, being held under the theme ‘Shaping Future Governments’.

The Dubai ruler held separate meetings with Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF); Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); Arab ministers of finance; as well as Arab youth ministers.

Shaping governance

During their meeting, Professor Klaus Schwab emphasised the vital role played by WGS in shaping new visions for governance and fostering international cooperation.

He also commended the quality of discussions, dialogue and talks, as well as the enriching and informative themes explored in sessions throughout past editions of the WGS.

Georgieva seconded the sentiment, praising the WGS for promoting constructive dialogue and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise among decision-makers, international experts and specialists from diverse fields. She also made a special mention of the UAE’s strong economic performance over the last few years.

During the meetings, Sheikh Mohammed stressed that the challenges encountered by the global economy required all countries, especially leading economies such as the UAE, to share their successful strategies and models.

“The challenges facing the global economy require collaboration and sharing of successful strategies.”

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Regional harmony

During the meeting with the Arab finance ministers, who took part in the Arab Fiscal Forum, Sheikh Mohammed stressed the need to harmonize perspectives and exchange expertise in the region, especially among Arab governments, to achieve sustainable development, a common goal for world governments.

The youth ministers who participated in the ‘Arab Meeting for Young Leaders’ showcased key youth initiatives and studies that were implemented in the Arab world with the aim of boosting youth engagement in sustainable development. The meeting also discussed the role of values in strengthening the connection of youth to their national identity and highlighted inspiring social experiments that emphasised social solidarity and its role in advancing sustainable development.

What’s happening at WGS 2024?

The 11th edition of the WGS includes 15 global forums addressing major international trends and transformations in over 110 sessions. WGS 2024 will feature 200 global personalities and over 23 ministerial meetings, attended by more than 300 ministers and a group of Nobel laureates.

The World Governments Summit will highlight six main themes focusing on various key issues ranging from government operations to artificial intelligence, health and education. The summit will also honor exceptional ministers and private sector players for their outstanding contributions to creating a better world with five global awards. It will also launch the Global Survey of Ministers, inviting ministers from across the globe to share their ideas on crucial global issues and collaborate on creating solutions.

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