Tech jobs in the GCC may add $225bn to GDP by 2030

This would help create some 600,000 technology jobs
Tech jobs in the GCC may add $225bn to GDP by 2030

By 2030, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can add $255 billion to the regional gross domestic product (GDP) by supporting the tech sector and creating additional jobs and opportunities in the tech field, according to a report by Strategy& Middle East.

The global consulting firm which is part of PwC’s network said that Saudi alone is contributing $119 billion alone, The company suggests that this can be realized by instituting the right policies and by developing “tech champions”. 

According to the study, tech champions play a significant role as they provide the economies of scale and scope necessary for innovation, talent attraction, job creation, large-scale investment, and exports. 

“While the GCC digital economy is growing rapidly, that alone will not make the region internationally competitive,” said Chady Smayra, partner with Strategy& Middle East. 

“Conversely, with the help of tech champions, regional GDP could jump by a cumulative 5 percent by 2030, creating some 600,000 technology jobs,” he added.

“As the regional economy transitions to being led by digital disruptors, the digital economy could increase its contribution to regional GDP potentially by $30 billion over the next five years, from $169 billion to $204 billion,” Tarek El Zein, another partner, said. 

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