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By Bally Singh
May 20, 2022 10:40 am

The metaverse creates virtual opportunities with real-world results

From gaming, to travel, jobs and more, nothing is off-limits
Bally Singh

If you’re holding off on investing in the metaverse because it’s a “futuristic concept”, then it’ll probably come as a surprise that hyper-realistic metaverse experiences are set to launch this very year, according to Bally Singh – Chief Marketing Officer – Everdome & Metahero.

2022 will see the metaverse enter the mainstream, and that opens up immeasurable opportunities for tangible returns across all aspects of life, from social applications to education, gaming, tourism, and more.

The metaverse will push boundaries as a limitless world that overcomes the restrictions of real life. This is certainly our goal with Everdome, which we aim to be the most hyper-realistic verse across the entire landscape of the metaverse.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Everdome will give people, brands, and organizations a platform where they can truly demonstrate their desired experiences in a high-quality environment that removes the boundaries of our everyday lives.

Here are some of the ways that the metaverse can be used for real-life applications.

Everdome Hatta



Everdome is a prime example of how the metaverse can be used to elevate gaming to the next level. Players can immerse themselves in photorealistic worlds that are beyond anything we’ve seen before. As an industry worth upwards of $173 billion and expected to reach $314 billion by 2026, gaming will drive the adoption and consequent development of the metaverse at breakneck speed.



Think of how much more exciting and inspiring classes would be if students had the chance to dive deep into the oceans, venture into outer space, be transported to Ancient Rome to study history, or practice virtual surgery skills. This can be achieved in the metaverse. Students of all ages will be able to explore subjects like never before, creating richer experiences and enhancing the education system.

Sales and marketing


As the metaverse grows, so does the opportunity to reach customers in an entirely new way. Consider how the internet transformed sales and marketing – now imagine the potential in an environment with infinitely more scope for creativity. From metaverse stores that offer experiential product trials to clever subliminal marketing and placements, this is an exciting new playground that is open to all.



The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the global tourism industry, prompting key players to look at ways of diversifying their business. With the ability to recreate destinations down to the smallest details – such as we’ve done with Dubai’s Hatta region in Everdome – and without real-world limitations, the metaverse makes traveling accessible to everyone. Virtual vacations may very well be a thing in the near future.



Some of the world’s biggest artists have already taken to the metaverse stage, hosting virtual concerts with massive success. And that’s just scratching at the surface. With no limits on what’s possible, we’re going to see the metaverse host movie premieres, sports games, and theme parks – whatever the imagination can conceive can be made possible.


Work and jobs


We can already see how celebrities have cashed in on virtual audiences through the concerts just mentioned. This paves the way for an average person to get paid for time spent in the metaverse. There will be a need for tour guides, store assistants, event planners and hosts, and custodians… basically, all real-world jobs can easily be replicated within the metaverse, and new positions we haven’t even dreamed of yet will be created. 




Last on this list but by no means least is the social aspect of the metaverse. All of the above points create boundless potential for people to get together, wherever they may be in the world. With none of the restrictions we face in our day to day lives, such as geographical distances, physical limitations, well-being risks, and more, the metaverse is a safe space that gives people the chance to explore the world whenever and however they want – right down to the way they choose to represent themselves.

However you may look at it, the metaverse is going to transform the world as we know it in ways that are limited only by the imagination. There’s no time like the present to begin your metaverse journey. Early adopters will have the advantage of claiming the space as their own, establishing themselves as trailblazers for the first generation of metaverse residents – making it all the more important to take the initial step into this brave new world sooner, rather than later.