The UAE has the world’s best passport

Beating the likes of Germany, Sweden, Finland and Luxembourg
The UAE has the world’s best passport
UAE passport

The UAE now holds the world’s most powerful travel document, according to a Passport Index published by Arton Capital that features a top-ten dominated by European countries.

Travelers with a UAE passport can enter 180 countries without difficulty — seven more than European countries such as Germany and Sweden, and nine more than Japan, whose passport was named the world’s best earlier this year in a list published by Henley & Partners.

Additionally, Emirati passport holders can enter 121 countries visa-free and obtain a visa on arrival in another 59. They require a visa for only 19 countries, allowing them to visit 91 percent of the world’s countries without first applying for a visa.

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The methodology behind that score also takes into account the higher the mobility score, the better global mobility its passport bearer enjoys,” according to the report.

Throughout the pandemic, the UAE avoided the full-scale lockdowns seen elsewhere, instead relying on strict mask mandates and inoculations. The government’s quick response to the pandemic drew visitors from all over the world looking to escape the hardships of their home countries.

The passport ranking is the latest addition to the UAE’s growing list of achievements, which includes the world’s tallest building, deepest swimming pool, and tallest hotel.

Moreover, Dubai was recently named one of the top five cities in the world for ex-pats to live by the networking platform InterNations. Allowing easier entry for more nationalities usually results in reciprocity from those countries.

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