Three new megaprojects to change the face of Oman

Projects expected to boost tourism, infrastructure
Three new megaprojects to change the face of Oman

Oman’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has disclosed plans to construct three megaprojects in three different governorates: Dhofar, Musandam, and South Al Batinah. These megaprojects were selected from numerous submissions for a development project that can be implemented in one of the governorates. The ministry officials and governors revealed the megaprojects in a meeting held in Muscat.

Here are the details of the three upcoming megaprojects in Oman:

Rathath Boulevard in Dhofar: This project will take four years to complete and is valued at RO40 million ($104 million). It will feature an artificial waterway, a water feature, dining establishments that cater to both local and international cuisine, an educational garden that showcases diverse plant life, suspended pathways, theatres, commercial areas, and a hub for hosting various events. The goal is to create a comprehensive recreational destination that embraces Omani customs and traditions, catering to visitors from both within the country and abroad.

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Rimal Park in South Al Batinah: This project will be constructed in two years and is valued at RO6.9 million ($17.94 million). It will include a vacation retreat, a theme park, an aerial cableway, mobile food vendors, a shopping complex, and a parking facility. The aim is to promote sustainable tourism, generate employment opportunities, and support small and medium-sized enterprises.

Aames Bay Development in Musandam: This project will take 1.9 months to complete and is valued at RO6.9 million. The project aims to connect different areas within the Musandam Governorate, enhance the region’s infrastructure, boost tourism, and open up new avenues for investment. It also aims to contribute to the overall urban and social development and well-being of the governorate.

The Ministry of Finance will allocate financial resources for the top three winning proposals after the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning assesses and approves them.

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