Six Essential Tips for Planning Summer Travel

ٍThese tips will make your summer holiday safe and memorable
Six Essential Tips for Planning Summer Travel
Essential travel tips for the summer

Are you planning a summer trip? If you’re scrolling through your newsfeed looking for a destination to beat the summer heat, then you’re not the only one.

According to this year’s Arabian Travel Market, the total contribution of the travel and tourism industry to the GDP of Middle East countries is expected to reach around $486.1 billion by 2028.

International travel is open; many countries have eased travel restrictions, making it a great time to go on holiday, according to Priyanka Lakhani, Senior Vice President Commercial EMEA, Collinson, and author of this article.

Staying updated about the latest regulations


There have been numerous cases of travelers being denied entry into countries because they lacked the necessary documentation. To avoid that, one of the top travel tips this year is to be well informed and continue to check the latest health advice and vaccination requirements. Travelers making the journey can keep up with the latest regulations in the region through the major airlines such as Emirates, Saudia, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways.

Paying extra is the best discount


Everyone’s always on the lookout for deals and discounts, but adding a little value is the best deal that travelers can go for with the current travel scenario. Travelers now are willing to pay extra to improve their well-being and airport experience. Collinson’s research, Value of Travel benefits, is the prime example of this, as it found travelers in the UAE (95%) and Saudi Arabia (98%) have accessed the airport lounges for over an hour before their flight.

The study also highlights that 78% of UAE and 82% of KSA travelers are expecting access to airport lounges as a benefit while making purchases through their cards. Another collaboration that illustrates the importance of added value is the partnership between Priority Pass and CarTrawler, which leverages a network of over 2,200 car rental and mobility providers, allowing travelers to choose from a range of add-on transport options best suits their needs, budget, and schedule.

Going digital


The emphasis on digital is at an all-time high. From businesses to customers, people want quick information in the palm of their hands. Travelers need to stay updated on technology and utilize contactless payment methods. Collinson’s launch of Ready 2 Order, a digital food and beverage (F&B) solution, makes a great case for embracing the digital side. Lounge visitors can scan a QR code or tap an NFC-enabled device on signage at each table or seat within the lounge to see a lounge-specific menu and make their selection.  

Take remote to the next level


Traveling the world while working online from your laptop has been a dream for millions of self-proclaimed digital nomads. One of the best things that the pandemic has offered us is the ability for people to work from anywhere on the planet. This is a great opportunity to book a ticket to the travel destination at the top of your bucket list to make the most out of remote working. As per Collinson’s recent Value of Travel benefits study, 34% of travelers from the United Arab Emirates and 33% from Saudi Arabia said that they often traveled for business or ‘bleisure’ purposes. Travelers can take an extended summer break and continue their work remotely as it can give them greater flexibility, allowing them to stay longer with their families. Some of the best locations to remote work from are Bali, Barbados, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Dubai, as they provide travelers with special remote working visas.

Flexi is the way to go


The pandemic has resulted in significant behavioral changes among travelers, who now prefer to be prepared for the unexpected and keep in mind the changes that can occur at any time. With travelers facing uncertainty about their journey, Flexi is an excellent way to book travel tickets where travelers can feel more at ease if their plans change.

Make sure that you are insured


Numerous factors can affect the journey, and effective travel insurance can protect the traveler’s investment beyond flights and hotel reservations. Trip delays, interruptions, or even cancellations can cause unexpected headaches and expenses. But travel insurance can help ensure you are protected for adjustments you will need to overcome when such situations arise. Travelers must be certain that the insurance they choose provides adequate medical coverage, flight cancellation refunds, emergency evacuation, and additional benefits such as passport loss, trip cancellation, personal accident, and disability coverage.

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