Turkey, Egypt this year’s travel hotspots

An additional 1.2 million seats on flights from the UK to Turkey compared to 2019
Turkey, Egypt this year’s travel hotspots
Red Sea, Egypt

With the drop in value of their currencies, Turkey and Egypt are looking like favorable destinations for holidaymakers this summer. British travel company On the Beach has reported a sharp increase in bookings to these destinations, more than double when compared to 2019. Further, increased travel capacity has allowed for a higher number of tourists. 


The exchange rate between the UK pound and the Turkish lira has increased fourfold, rising from approximately eight in 2019 to 34 at present. Similarly, tourists traveling to Egypt are now getting about double the amount of the local currency in exchange for their sterling compared to the period before the pandemic. With more value for their money, tourists are able to enjoy more of the destination. 

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According to a statement by On The Beach, the increased demand for holidays in Turkey is being met by a surge in flight availability. The tour operator reports an additional 1.2 million seats on flights from the UK to Turkey this year compared to 2019. This trend is projected to continue, with annual flight capacity expected to grow by another 1.6 million seats by 2025, totaling five million seats. Turkish Airlines reported a profit of $635 million in the second quarter of this year.

Heathrow Airport announced a record-breaking month for departures to Turkey in July, with over 73,000 travelers flying to the country. Furthermore,, an airline, recently revealed that its flying program to Turkey has expanded threefold since 2018.

This year’s travel hotspots

On the Beach reported their top travel destinations for this summer. Canary Islands is the destination most sought after, with Spain and Turkey close behind. 

It’s looking like travelers are flocking to the beach to get away from the heat. Topping the list in Turkey is the coastal city Antalya, according to On the Beach. Hurghada on the Red Sea is Egypt’s most reserved destination. 

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