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November 7, 2022 1:25 pm

UAE dropped almost all Covid restrictions

And further eases mask rules
UAE covid
UAE lifts Covid restrictions

The UAE government announced lifting almost all restrictions it had put in place to keep the nation and its citizens safe during the pandemic, nearly two and a half years after the Covid-19 pandemic first emerged.

Mask-wearing regulations have been further relaxed. Masks are not required in any open or closed facilities, including mosques and places of worship, according to health officials. In healthcare facilities and centers for people with determination, masks must be worn. At mosques and other areas of worship, using a personal mat for prayer will be optional.

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The second stage of the easing of restrictions was disclosed in a virtual briefing by a government spokesperson. The official noted that after carefully examining the epidemiological situation in the nation and keeping track of occupancy rates in hospitals and intensive care for Covid-19 infected cases, which have steadily dropped below 300 now, the second phase of relaxations has been approved.

The new relaxations have been activated on Monday, November 7.

Additionally, the Al Hosn application will now only accept a vaccination certificate and, upon request, PCR test results from both inside and outside the nation. Therefore, it won’t be necessary to have a Green Pass on the Al Hosn app to access public spaces and sites.

The five-day isolation period for positive cases will continue to be in effect, according to the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), and Covid-19 PCR testing and medical facilities will continue to be available.

Organizing bodies for sporting events and activities at the national and local levels may ask for pre-examinations or vaccination certificates depending on the nature or significance of the activity and its efficacy.