Recognized global pioneer: UAE to lead World Bank’s cloud computing working group

Cloud computing to add $181 bn to UAE's economy by 2033
Recognized global pioneer: UAE to lead World Bank’s cloud computing working group
Sheikh Hamdan congratulated Dr. Bushra AlBlooshi on World Bank role

The UAE has been chosen to lead the Cloud Computing Working Group within the World Bank, a testament to its remarkable progress in advanced technology and digitization. Recognized as a global pioneer in digital transformation and the successful implementation of cloud computing best practices, the UAE assumes this role to support both government entities and private sector companies in their transition to cloud computing systems. By prioritizing the utilization of cutting-edge data protection and cybersecurity solutions, the UAE reaffirms its commitment to facilitating the seamless adoption of cloud technology while ensuring utmost security for all stakeholders.

Sheikh Hamdan congratulates Dr. AlBlooshi

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and chairman of the Executive Council, extended his congratulations to Dr. Bushra AlBlooshi from the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) on being appointed as the leader of the Cloud Computing division within the World Bank Group.

In addition, Sheikh Hamdan posted the message on X (formerly Twitter) and said, “Congratulations to Dr Bushra AlBlooshi of the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) on being appointed by the World Bank as the head of the World Bank Group for Cloud Computing, comprising of 27 countries, organisations, and major international technology firms.” 

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He added, “We are immensely proud of the continuous achievements of Emirati talent. With their expertise and accomplishments, they further strengthen the UAE’s international stature and role in advancing global sustainable digital development.

According to her profile on the World Economic Forum (WEF), Dr. AlBlooshi possesses more than 17 years of expertise in digital transformation, cybersecurity, and strategy management. She is recognized as an author and a prominent speaker in the areas of cybersecurity and digital transformation, demonstrating her extensive experience in the field.

Significance of cloud adoption for GDP growth

A report commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed in May that the widespread adoption of cloud technology among the public is projected to contribute an estimated $181 billion in economic value to the UAE over the next decade. This figure represents approximately 2.5 percent of the UAE’s economy. The paper further highlighted that a mere 1 percent increase in cloud adoption by organizations in the UAE would result in an average gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 0.21 percent or $854.7 million. This growth rate is three times higher than the regional average for the Middle East and North Africa, making it the highest in the region.

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