UAE’s G42, OpenAI powering state-of-the-art AI solutions in UAE and beyond

Fostering innovation in financial services, energy, and healthcare
UAE’s G42, OpenAI powering state-of-the-art AI solutions in UAE and beyond
(Left) Peng Xiao and Sam Altman (Photo Credit: WAM)

G42, a prominent technology holding group headquartered in the UAE, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with OpenAI, the renowned AI research and deployment company responsible for ChatGPT. This partnership aims to provide state-of-the-art AI solutions to the UAE and other markets in the region.

With a specific emphasis on domains where G42 possesses extensive expertise, such as financial services, energy, healthcare, and public services, this collaborative partnership will harness the generative AI models developed by OpenAI. OpenAI will collaborate closely with G42 to expedite the process of solution development, enabling organizations to fully harness the potential of generative AI in their unique use cases.

G42’s innovative solutions will empower organizations in the UAE and the region to streamline the integration of advanced AI capabilities into their existing enterprise landscapes. By leveraging these solutions, organizations can effectively unlock the full potential of OpenAI’s models and harness their transformative power.

In order to facilitate this expansion throughout the entire region, the presence of robust AI-ready infrastructure is crucial. G42 recognizes the importance of this and will allocate its considerable AI infrastructure capacity to support OpenAI’s local and regional inferencing on Microsoft Azure data centers.

Fueling innovation and progress

Peng Xiao, G42 CEO, expressed his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “At the core of our mission lies the pursuit of AI as a transformative force for good, fueling innovation and progress. Our partnership with OpenAI transcends technological synergy; it’s a convergence of value and vision. We are excited to join OpenAI on the journey to shape a future where AI benefits all of humanity.”

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Harnessing AI’s transformative power

Sam Altman, the co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, emphasized the significance of the partnership by stating, “Our partnership with G42 is a significant commitment to further harnessing AI’s transformative power. Leveraging G42’s industry expertise, we aim to empower businesses and communities with effective solutions that resonate with the nuances of the region. This collaboration lays the foundation for equitable advancements in generative AI across the globe.”

Both organizations remain committed to exploring avenues for accelerating innovation and adoption of generative AI on a global scale. They will actively seek opportunities to advance the field and drive its widespread adoption across industries and regions.

G42’s dedication to generative AI is prominently showcased at GITEX Global in Dubai, where its portfolio companies are presenting a diverse array of offerings that cater to multiple industries. 

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