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By Economy Middle East
December 10, 2021 7:42 am

We are at the advent of a new world order: GMIS chief

The world shares a common destiny, says Badr Al Olama
Keynote speech by Badr Al Olama

The Global Manufacturing & Industrialization Summit ,(GMIS), kicked off on Tuesday with a strong keynote speech by its head Badr Al Olama, who warned that the world cannot miss out on handling today’s threats otherwise that would have a grave impact on our future.

“We have now realized that our world has come to a critical juncture. It is one where the decisions we make today will have a vital bearing on what we do tomorrow… the advances which we have witnessed over the past decades have turned our lives around… and technology’s progress has brought complexities,” with it, said  Badr Al Olama, who leads the organizing committee for GMIS among other entities and GREs .

The young leader was referring to the various challenges which the collective humanity has faced over the years, from global wars to the most recent threat, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Al Olama called for collective work to shape a better future today. Below is his full keynote speech: