The meeting comes in light of the turmoil witnessed by the global banking sector
Oil gains
Amid Kurdish supply concerns and banking relief
Arab EV
Discussions on localizing tech for producing first EV car in Arab countries
Saudi company takes $3.6 bn stake in Chinese oil refinery Rongsheng
Oman aquaculture
Two nations announced strategic partnership to address food security
Why we need to produce water more efficiently and use it more wisely
Kuwait oil leak
No injuries occurred as a result of the spill
Oil prices
Crude oil has been on a declining trajectory since last June
Saudi Algeria oil
Oil prices have fallen to levels seen at the end of 2021
Efforts to develop $3 bn global weather warning system by 2027
Tech giants will control 95% of new cars' operating systems by 2025
GCC energy transition
GCC banks' sustainability strategies could expand sustainable financings
Saudi Aramco
To develop more efficient gasoline engines and hybrid systems
Investment will be funded by a combination of long-term debt and equity
Rolls-Royce SPECTRE
The house of luxury is set to deliver its first EV
Green Taxonomies around the world
The financial sector has a central role in helping to finance the green transition
The company increases the offered shares from 4% to 5% of the capital
adnoc gas
Retail offering ends Wednesday
Türkiye earthquake
Resulting in at least three fatalities and 294 injuries
Luberef profits
Cash dividends proposed, representing 50 percent of its capital
Oman earthquake
Oman collected over $949,000 for Türkiye and Syria quake victims
sustainable finance
Global ESG assets could exceed $50 trillion by 2025
electric mobility UAE
The MEA E-Bike Market projected to reach $1.27 billion by 2027
Syria Turkey
To assist those affected by Turkey's 7.8-magnitude earthquake
Earthquake turkey syria
76 killed in Turkey, 111 dead in Syria, hundreds wounded
European embargo
Will the European ban on Russian diesel raise global fuel prices?
UAE solar
Al Dhafra cuts emissions equivalent to removing 470,000 cars
Türkiye Oman gas
"We will purchase 1.4 bn cubic metres of gas annually for 10 years"
Saudi clean energy
Investments also aim to add transport lines and distribution networks
"This should not come at the expense of economic growth"
Kremlin: Putin, Saudi crown prince, discussed oil market stability
Sustainable finance
AirCarbon: First voluntary carbon trading and clearinghouse
Egypt plastic
Start-up TileGreen turns plastic waste into eco-friendly tiles
70,000 charging points considered to be required in Abu Dhabi
Aspiration, a multibillion-dollar fintech company, announced UAE expansion
UAE plastic plant
To promote the circular economy, growth of sustainable industries
Toyota Mirai
Zero-emission Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Forklift at energy Summit
Nuclear Saudi
Phase one involves construction of two large commercial nuclear reactors
Kuwait diesel Europe
As an anticipated ban of oil products from Russia takes effect
Qataenergy gas plastic
Will increase QatarEnergy's capacity to 14 mil mt/year
oil jet fuel
This would reduce industry-wide emissions by 80 percent
oil prices
Markets await US inflation data this week
Advanced metering systems
UAE and Saudi have been massively investing in AMI systems
Projects include investments in clean power, carbon capture and storage
oil price
Main drivers of global growth are all slowing down simultaneously
oil&gas exploration
لإhe tender, the third of its kind, was set for 12 blocks
Double-digit million dollar deal accelerates Blacklane’s growth in region
"Inaccurate information almost always present in some forecasts,"
NEOM hydrogen
Mega plant to produce 1.2 million tons of green ammonia per year
gas price
Moscow: Unacceptable action and violation of market processes
Egypt gas
Driving country's efforts to establish itself as a regional energy hub
Egypt maritime borders
Country to capitalize on opportunities for oil and gas exploration
UAE green hydrogen
Project expected to produce 18,000 kilograms of green hydrogen per day
Its forecast for economic growth in 2023 left unchanged at 2.5%
Durra gas field
The development aims at producing 1 billion cubic feet of gas
TAQA paid $1.02 bn for its 43% controlling stake in the clean energy venture
Russia sanctions
EU ban on Russian crude oil imports comes into force
State of anticipation EU and G7 decisions
DEWA is studying a proposal for building a hydrogen fueling station in Dubai
Plans to increase its production capacity to 5 million b/d by 2027
Fifth-generation city
A bid to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change on the Delta
Kuwait Petroleum
The first cargo is currently being shipped aboard the Pacific Sarah tanker
ACCA reaffirmed its commitment to Certificates in Sustainable Finance
G7 expected to announce today ceiling level of Russian oil prices
COP 27
"Fund for loss and damage"and "rapid" reduction of emissions
Project expected to start in 2023 and be completed by 2026
“The project sets global benchmarks in clean energy production”
Highlighting country's ability to attract private investment in strategic sectors
To finance, facilitate transition to clean energy
UAE also launched national net zero pathway by 2050
Kingdom plans to submit soon ten new renewable energy projects
Climate change
This is the world's highest level of anxiety registered by far
The program's total investments amount to $14.7 bn
COP 27
Madbouly: "Solidarity among all parties has become an unavoidable option"
Funding is set to be provided by private and public investors
Wind farm
Farm will save Egypt $5 bn in annual natural gas costs
The world still relies on fossil fuels for 83% of its energy
Green hydrogen
New project using Egyptian engineers and state-of-the-art technology
Oman Cables
In line with Sultanate’s 2050 Net-Zero Carbon Vision
Climate neutrality
AD Airports signs agreement to promote future of advanced air transport
Cop 27
Saudi and Egypt agree to cooperate in electricity and renewable energy
Kuwait also seeks to become carbon neutral in oil and gas sector by 2050
Firms investing in environment for first time surged fivefold since 2021
COP 27
Bin Zayed: "Cimate change threatens global security"
Egypt tops list of Arab countries using wind to produce electricity  
British Prime Minister will demand from countries to keep their promises
The historical city in danger of drowning
COP 27
The transition to renewables will 'take longer than expected'
Methane is solely responsible for 30% of global warming.
COP 27
Summit will cover a wide range of climate mitigation and adaptation topics
OGCI has supported the development of multiple low-carbon hubs
COP 27
Rishi Sunak reverses decision to skip climate talks
UAE clean energy
To produce 100 gigatonnes of clean energy by 2035
"OPEC+ will continue to to work on balancing supply, demand"
Al Jaber: "The energy security is the foundation for economic and social progress"
ADNOC Distribution
To refinance existing debts, general corporate purposes
One of the world's largest venture capital funds with a capital of $1.5 billion
Lebanon demarcation
Hochstein: "Both sides will lose if one of them violates the agreement"
There’s no substitute to global action against overwhelming weather
Saudi carbon auction
A total of 15 Saudi and regional entities took part in the auction
Al Seer Marine
Company's total global VLCC deal value hits AED 900 mn in 4 months
Carbon market
Fund will hold 80% stake in 500-million-riyal company, 20% for Tadawul
"The world is experiencing the first truly global energy crisis"
Shell claims 9.3% of shares in the NFS expansion project
Fitch: Lebanon not to receive significant revenues before start of production
In contrast to the relatively low global average of only 5.5 out of 10
Qatar energy
"The issue is going to be replenishing the reserves, or storage, for next year"
UAE Saudi
"OPEC+'s recent decision was taken unanimously, based on a vote"
"Oil price volatility means that no investments are being made"
WETEX, Dubai Solar, anchor UAE’s image as green tech leader  
Saudi OPEC+
Foreign Ministry: "Statements are not based on facts"
Pressures on GCC's chemical companies are similar to rest of the world
Dividend will be paid to the Company’s eligible shareholders in October 2022
Sharjah Sustainable City
In recognition of city's efforts in creating sustainable, happy community
Fish farm
Project valued at 1 billion Egyptian pounds
Waste management
GCC generates between 105 and 130 million tons of waste per annum
White House: U.S. needs to be less dependent on OPEC+
OPec+ cuts
Bloomberg expects production cuts of up to two million barrels per day
Climate change
Despite increasing climate impacts, climate optimism grew to 48%
Reports suggest coalition will reduce output by more than one million barrels
Project linka 2 ADNOC-owned offshore facilities to Abu Dhabi's onshore grid
Waste management
10-year contract to deliver collection, transportation, and cleaning services
Energy exports
Exports are significantly higher than they were last year
"Event showcases UAE’s achievements in renewable, clean energy sector"
Prices have fallen sharply this month by about 30 percent
Gas export
108 international agreements signed valued at $22 bn for gas excavation
Germany seeks to diversify energy sources amid reduced supply of Russian gas
French energy firm will have a 9.3% stake in North Field South gas project
Project to reduce carbon footprint of ADNOC’s offshore operations by 30%
Energy transition
But more realism about the scale of the challenge is need to properly address it
New land masses, tourism, to spur further economic revival
Germany LNG
As part of the country's efforts to diversify oil imports way from Russia
Energy crisis
“Even if the conflict in Ukraine stopped today, the crisis would not end”
UAE carbon emissions
Council also discussed enhancing current gas cylinders to advanced ones
Oman plastic bags
Decision will have no effect on local plastic bag factories
Kuwait sustainable tourism
A net-zero carbon community that will accommodate up to 100,000 people
To supply fuel required to generate electricity at the Hassyan power complex
Economic stagnation is not a condition for decline in oil demand
Dubai Can
Initiative has seen 46 fountains installed across the emirate since launch
Russia’s response to capping oil prices is more shipping to Asia
Wall Street Journal: Russia opposes plans to cut production
Truss favorite to lead Conservative Party, run Downing Street, come Monday
The new pricing includes 5% value added tax
Production to start in Q1 2026 in Mesaieed Industrial City
Announced contracts are largest of their kind in oil and gas
Main catalyst for oil price improvement is Saudi Oil Minister’s comment
Russian gas
Gazprom will "completely" suspend its gas deliveries to France's Engie
Climate change
Manufacturing, distribution to be hit hardest and costing $4.2 trn
The standard European gas price has risen 550% in past 12 months
Adoption of green pathways is a gender-neutral responsibility
COP 27
The African continent needs billions in assistance for food security
Al-Faris: Since 2020, OPEC+ successfully maintained oil market stability
Output cuts likely to coincide with Iran’s possible return to oil markets
OPEC + will soon begin working on a new agreement for post-2022
Exploration contributes to energy security, additional gas supply to Europe
As part of the country’s vision to adopt a circular carbon economy
Azour: "Critical to maintain fiscal discipline and momentum on reforms"
Third filling of Nile dam heightens Ethiopia-Egypt crisis
Royal Swiss electric vehicle
Royal Swiss Auto offers vast range of EV care and maintenance services  
GCC Hotels
Some hotels are not being able to access dedicated internal support
Kingdom Holding
Including 1.97 billion riyals in Russian energy companies
Summit reflects UAE's unlimited support for energy, climate change issues
Production at several US offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico has resumed
Shops and malls will have to limit their use of strong lights
Poorer countries scream foul, and China out of climate negotiations
Contract awarded by ADNOC Offshore to ADNOC Logistics & Services
This is due to war, inflation, and plans to contain Corona
Deal in line with IHC’s long-term investment strategy in the clean energy sector
UAE’s growing energy demand boosted DEWA profits
Earnings before interest, tax depreciation amounted to $3.1 bn
Goldman Sachs revised its oil price forecast to $110 a barrel
Brent crude futures fell 74 cents, or 0.8%, to $94.18 per barrel
Saudi oil
The highest quarterly surplus since data publication began in early 2016
COP 27
Summit will be crucial to Africa’s response to climate change
41% of regional investors wanted to implement effective ESG policy
Acquisition fits in with growth strategy for lubricants, says Aramco
OPEC Sec Gen: Russia's presence in alliance key to agreement success
macron and crown prince
Crown Prince Mohammed: Desire to strengthen strategic partnership
Authorities urged residents not to leave their homes unless necessary
Connecting electricity grids provides cheaper green energy
Project is key component of ADNOC's strategy for gas self-sufficiency
Energy Forum: to return to the level of $525 billion by 2030
Fuel is among the most requested reimbursements for UAE employees
"We have safely completed 1.5 mn man-hours since the project's inception"
Country requests bids for waste-to-energy project
Global electricity demand is expected to rise by 2.4% in 2022
Capital expenditure will include expansion of renewable, clean energy projects
Millions to be displaced as rising waters reclaim heavily populated lands  
It follows signing of UAE-France Comprehensive Strategic Energy Partnership
Russia to undermine the dollar's hegemony by disengaging the "petrodollar
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan on official visit to Japan
Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visits the French National Army Museum
America acquires 11% of Saudi foreign trade in 10 years
Both major benchmarks for crude shed more than $5 a barrel
Prices of diesel supplied to the food and electricity industries were fixed
UAE, France are expected to launch a business and investors club
"OPEC" does not expect breakthrough in supplies for 2023
Oman was affected by the depression's peak impact
Solar power
Citizens looking for alternatives to power cuts boost the solar power market
Russia stops shipping Kazakh oil, which raises prices again
He participated in an energy conference in Nigeria yesterday
Program to accelerate Qatar's efforts towards climate change
DEWA: Total energy production capacity reached 14.1 gigawatts
G7 recently discussed a plan to put more pressure on Moscow
The price rise is in line with previous increases throughout 2022
Coal power plants in France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands get ready
“OPEC +” tomorrow maintain plan to accelerate increase in August crude production
The coalition sticks to plan to accelerate increase in oil production
Participating companies to contribute 110 billion dirhams
With a focus on structural battery performance
Wind energy
Gulf states’ beaches, remote desert areas, among best for wind generation
The company will have a 6.25 percent stake in the North Field East expansion
Significant step within strategic partnership announced by UAE President
Report highlighted the role of a smart grid in the Smart City's development
The move highlights Volvo's position as a key player in climate action
Global oil demand to grow roughly to 3.4 million BPD in 2022
Project to increase Qatar's LNG output capacity to 10 million tons per year
Saudi’s crude oil production capacity to reach 13.3-13.4 million BPD
Existing ones, irrespective of their source of power, don’t need to bother
"The group was currently 2.6 million barrels per day short of its target"
Qatar to finance a $30 billion LNG plan to raise production
Volume of recycled glass expected to reach 6.2 percent by 2027
Citi estimated Brent to average $75 per barrel in 2023
Total global production of paper and cardboard is over 400 million tons yearly
DST to enhance Dubai’s position as a leading sustainable destination
The company champions sustainable design to reach net-zero
About 90 percent of Russian oil imports to the bloc will be stopped
Qatar’s carbon-neutral commitment should be "recognized, not criticized"
Putin to lose about $10 billion annually in oil export revenues
Oman records the highest growth rate in gas exports
Export capacity to amount to 12 million tons annually within 3 years
The Middle East’s first waste-to-energy plant opens in Sharjah
ADNOC says the project with BP has moved into the design phase
Saudi Energy Minister: World must appreciate value of the alliance
Green Egypt
Plastics, CO2, recycling high on projects’ agenda
Profits climbed to SAR151.9 compared to SAR139mn in 2021
65% of CEOs expect their companies would focus on ESG
The energy and resources industry will witness a major transformation
Prince Abdulaziz: Oil output depends on what we do in the divided zone
Al-Rajhi Financial expected Aramco to achieve profits of 136.6 billion riyals
The initiative is part of Kyndryl’s global sustainability program
A 195 billion-euro plan to stop Russian fossil fuels' import by 2027
Bosch to invest 500 million euros to produce hydrogen
It lowered its forecast for a rise in global oil demand growth by 300,000 barrels
Several factors to boost Aramco's share prices in coming months
Global leaders, industry experts convene for day two of the World Utilities Congress
The Gulf region is mounting efforts to preserve water  
OPEC energy ministers
“OPEC +” is doing its part to meet global demand amid geopolitical pressures
The company recorded the highest volume of fuel sales ever during Q1
edible plastic
The cost of food wasted annually around the world is about $1 trillion dollars
The WUC to explore the role of hydrogen in the future of the utilities sector
The "OPEC +" is scheduled to hold its next meeting on the second of next June
It posted loss of over $20 billion as it withdraws from energy group Rosneft
WUC 2022 set to discuss the future of low-carbon power and water supplies
Saudi is in a prime position to produce green and blue hydrogen
Sustainable investments will not contribute to cash flow over next 5 years
Empower IPO to be announced soon; not during current quarter
The ship is carrying 750 tons of fuel, threatening environmental disaster
The company completed the purchase of Scientific Design
Efficinent building
The industry stakeholders lost sight of buildings’ unsustainable energy usage
biofuel Karl Fielder
Neutral Fuels is turning waste into green energy
OPEC said the increase in prices was driven by geopolitical tensions
Decision based on strong investor demand, oversubscription across all tranches
"We have one mission in OPEC + and that is to stabilize the market"
Energy transition summit
Investing in hydrocarbons ensures smooth global energy transition
Climate change
With business activity back, the world may go back to high-carbon ways
energy market
Al-Mazrouei: “We will not leave OPEC+, or do something unilateral”
Qatar oil minister
Solidarity shown with Europe by dispensing with lucrative gas contracts
Carbon Neutral
The Partners will supply, purchase, and trade carbon credits
ocean sustainability fashion
Tiny behavioral changes can be colossal in saving oceans  
oil prices
The world awaits the “OPEC” meeting on March 31
Energy agency
Saudis crown prince stresses preserving the "OPEC +" agreement 
S&P: Qatar can compensate Europe for 13 percent of Russian gas supplies
The agreements aim to provide services for cementing services
saudi elecricity
SEC completed the implementation of sector regulatory and financial reforms
UAE Russia
The UAE believes in the value that OPEC + brings to the oil market
Dubal holding
Progress made on Dubai Waste Management Centre at Warsan
global oil prices
They could increase the pace of electrification but also exploration
Ukraine sanctions gas
Even when nations don't sanction Russia, private companies will
Saudi Aramco
Aramco announces in March its top financial results for 2021
Russia Ukraine energy
"Gazprom Trans" stopped receiving requests to transport LNG to Ukraine
Hyundai agreement
Strategic partnership entered with Streamax Tech, GBS solutions
Awards part of strategy to boost crude oil production capacity to 5 million bpd
طيران مستدام
Sustainable air travel options will take years to become commercially viable
اسعار البترول
Upon any invasion, the US and EU could impose sanctions on Russia
Irfan Tansel
Al Masaood Automobiles brands and partnerships always operated as industry leaders on positive change
It was the second hydrocarbons finding ADNOC revealed
Saudi raised its natural gas production by 30% over the last 10 years
Production of Saudi and Russia rises to 10.331 million barrels per day
oil crude
OPEC+ refuses to be bound by faster increases in crude production
Expect a slight increase in global demand for natural gas in 2022
What are the major market indicators influencing interest rates?
ADNOC, TAQA partner to curb carbon emissions
The emirate aims at having a carbon-neutral economy by 2050
How will an energy crunch impact the shift to renewables?
Western double standards risk reducing production levels
Dubai saves AED1,3B and 14M working hours with new policy