Saudi farm
New farm to produce 1.1 million kg of agricultural crops yearly
Saudi visitors 2030
Many projects in the pipeline, including Hegra and AlUla
Saudi clean energy
Investments also aim to add transport lines and distribution networks
Saudi PIF Samsung
And to explore developing innovative technologies in real estate sector
Saudi financing
About two-thirds less than what I borrowed last year
Davos Saudi
Implementing steps crucial to exit crisis with minimal losses
Saudi Davos
Kingdom “becoming a bright spot for the world economy”
Saudi greenback
China has called for Saudi Arabia to price oil sales in yuan
Saudi gigaprojects
Mega schemes will accelerate Riyadh’s non-oil investor friendliness
Saudi Crown Prince
To support developments in culture, tourism, entertainment, sports 
A value of $12.3 billion, according to Brand Finance
Kakao Saudi PIF
Funding will be used to fuel international expansion
Messi Al Hilal
Messi could surpass Ronaldo as the highest-paid player in the world
Saudi citizenship
Children of Saudi women who are married to expats can now apply for citizenship
WWE Saudi
Contract between Saudi and WWE is valued at USD 1 bn
Nuclear Saudi
Phase one involves construction of two large commercial nuclear reactors
Diriyah PIF
As part of the leadership’s efforts to enhance Saudi’s cultural identity
Saudi HQ
Operations of foreign companies should not exceed SAR 1 million
Ronaldo Saudi
Following his move to Saudi's Al-Nassr FC
Ronaldo Al-Nassr
Following his signing for Al Nassr club
Saudi Ronaldo
$75 million per year contract with Al Nassr football club.
stc pay
One of the distinguished experts in the Kingdom’s banking sector
Ronaldo Al-Nassr
If the deal goes through, the contract could be valued at $207 mn
"Inaccurate information almost always present in some forecasts,"
NEOM hydrogen
Mega plant to produce 1.2 million tons of green ammonia per year
Saudi expo
Saudi crown prince, BIE head review Kingdom's bid to host Expo 2030
Saudi Aramco
The IPO on Saudi bourse Tadawul will be 50.045 mn shares
Saudi non-oil revenues
"The previous five years saw major structural reforms"
The program provided 11 solutions aiming at serving non-profit organizations
Saudi China
Meeting witnessed signing of a strategic partnership agreement
Saudi China
Across various sectors including green energy, information tech
stc newcastle
stc will sponsor the club during its visit to Saudi Arabia
China Saudi
There is a strategic direction to strengthen bilateral relations
Saudi Credit Suisse
The bank has not yet received a formal proposal from any Saudi entity
Saudi airport
New project to contribute SAR27 bn riyals annually to non-oil GDP
Project to contribute SAR 297 mn to the country's GDP annually
Sale will likely have limited immediate effects on stc’s financial metrics
Team will fly on a chartered SAUDIA flight into and out of Saudi
Saudi Arabia
And cooperation in infrastructure, hydrogen production
Saudi PIF
To explore infrastructure investments in Saudi, MENA
Saudi phosphate
Kingdom to produce 9 million tons of phosphate fertilizers annually
Saudi China
Kingdom was first destination for Chinese foreign investments in H1
Kingdom plans to submit soon ten new renewable energy projects
By raising capital and purchasing shares from main owners
Kingdom holding
6.7 billion riyals of the company's profits in 9 months
Assets of Ooredoo's Abraaj estimated to be worth between $3 and $5 bn
Kuwait also seeks to become carbon neutral in oil and gas sector by 2050
Epic visitor experiences offered in ancient frontier oases
In appreciation of its notable nationalization efforts
Year-round events contributed to a significant improvement in hotel demand
Saudi budget
Surplus is supported by an increase in crude oil revenues
Saudi GDP
Growth primarily driven by a 14.5% increase in oil activities
Saudi investment
Deals aim to improve quality of life, increase investor interest
One of the world's largest venture capital funds with a capital of $1.5 billion
Saudi carbon auction
A total of 15 Saudi and regional entities took part in the auction
Saudi PIF
This brings the total number of companies to 6
Funding directed to MENA-based tech investment firm STV
Saudi non-oil
Driven by faster job creation, increased non-oil exports
Saudi licenses
New investment licenses issued in Q3 2022 amounted to 1,163
Future Investment Iniative
Seven mega-agreements are expected to be announced today
Carbon market
Fund will hold 80% stake in 500-million-riyal company, 20% for Tadawul
Robust economy, diversification, capital markets attracting investments
Saudi bonds
Price guidance set at 105 basis points over Treasuries for the Sukuk
Saudi agreements
The two countries signed 11 deals to promote investment
Saudi F1
F1 GP is set to return to Jeddah in March, 2023
Zain Saudi
Company will acquire 20% stake in GLI when financial completion achieved
"Oil price volatility means that no investments are being made"
AMAALA is on track to welcome its first guests in 2024
Saudi inflation
Driven by increases in food prices, house rents
Saudi OPEC+
Foreign Ministry: "Statements are not based on facts"
Trojena, a mountain destination in NEOM, is due to be completed in 2026
Saudi PMI
Though activity slowed due to higher production costs
Saudi Downtown Company
Project will create new investment opportunities in key sectors
MOU with Saudi Finance to establish IMF regional office in Kingdom
Offering will correspond to a 29.24% of the company's shares on Tadawul
Saudi unemployment
To 9.7% in Q2, compared to 10.1% in Q1 2022
Revenue from the global gaming industry is expected to top $200 bn in 2022
The cabinet reshuffle kept Mohamed Al-Jadaan as Finance Minister
92nd Saudi National Day
"National Day anniversary comes as we continue march towards development"
Venture capital funding in Saudi surged to $584 mn in H1 2022
Central Bank digital currency
Global economy undergoing technological revolution driven by AI, IoT
Non-oil exports
Merchandise exports rose by 58.8% year on year
Dubai to also commemorate the occasion with events across the city
Energy crisis
“Even if the conflict in Ukraine stopped today, the crisis would not end”
Sara Al-Suhaimi
Al-Suhaimi held for 20 years senior leadership financial positions in Saudi
To place Kingdom at the forefront of AI tech in the region
Almosafer aims to use the investment to fund its growth and expansion plans
Global AI Summit
Summit covering all aspects of AI, ways to benefit from AI technologies
Iron and steel projects
"Saudi priorities include localizing steel products of all types"
Supply chains
Initiative to also focus on forging partnerships with manufacturers from private sector
Saudi driving structural changes in the sector
business in Saudi
Businesses should embrace rapidly changing “Saudization” initiatives
Existing, under-construction factories in Saudi reached 10,685 in July
Project expected to contribute SAR 11 bn to the country’s GDP
Agricultural crop production increased to 4.77 mn tons
Economic stagnation is not a condition for decline in oil demand
"We are committed to carry out vision programs, broaden economic base"
Saudi's GDP
Economic growth is due to the significant increase in oil activities
“The Fund”: a decrease of about 20% in the direct share of oil in the GDP
Total new orders rose at the fastest pace since October
To promote digital transformation in the real-estate sector
Largest capital increase for listed company in Saudi stock market
ICT solutions
stc: "Today, we have reached 70% Saudisation rate"
Kingdom quickly recovered from pandemic-induced recession
Housing projects
Investments of NHC in the Eastern Province exceed SAR20 bln
Kingdom Holding
Profits slightly increased by 3.6% in Q2 2022
This brings the total number of licensed fintech companies to 38
Rua Al Madinah
Project spans over 1.5m sqm area, set to add 47,000 hotel rooms by 2030
Non-oil exports
Oil exports jumped to SAR 117.7 bln, up from SAR 60.6 bln in 2021
Funding will be used to support innovation in payment and shopping
OPEC + will soon begin working on a new agreement for post-2022
Saudi arabia
Inflation will remain at 2.8 percent level in 2022
Fund invested a further $474mln in Meta
Kingdom Holding
Including 1.97 billion riyals in Russian energy companies
Its market value reached about $2.8 trillion in 2021
F&B prices, transportation costs were the primary causes of rising inflation
46% increase in aircraft fleet, 57% in number of flights comparing to 2021
Combined value of fast-growing start-ups could come close to $100 bn
Intense competition pressures Saudi’s underwriting results
Foreign investment licenses increased by 674 percent yoy
Saudi oil
The highest quarterly surplus since data publication began in early 2016
Strategy aims to support partnerships between investors
Acquisition fits in with growth strategy for lubricants, says Aramco
Oil activities lead GDP growth by 11.8% in Q2
Connecting electricity grids provides cheaper green energy
Non-oil exports increased by 27% to $7.4 billion
Airports to be granted flexibility to reduce charges below announced caps
In May, Saudi's PIF purchased a 16.87% stake in KHC
Supported by large fixed stock of oil reserves, stable financial system
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan on official visit to Japan
Saudi, US sign 18 agreements and cooperation memoranda 
The Crown Prince and the US President shake hands with fists
America acquires 11% of Saudi foreign trade in 10 years
The Public Investment Fund is betting on the future of the automotive and transportation
It seeks to transform the Kingdom into a global hub for air travel
Food and beverage segment has the greatest impact
In May, Jeddah reported its highest performance level since 2019
S&P: Upturn underlined by a robust increase in new business levels
Allocations targeted several sectors including food and unemployment
Royal orders included the appointment of two deputy governors of SAMA
Single-stock futures will allow for more efficient portfolio risk management
The IPO order book was 47.5 times oversubscribed
It registered 10.1 percent at the end of Q1
Saudi planning to develop a trillion-dollar global tourism economy
Inflows rose 9.5% compared to the same period in 2021
Companies Law facilitates establishment of organizations, encourages bold investment
The banking industry showed a resurgence with an increase in profit of 40.15%
Saudi's vital sector is estimated to have a yearly worth of $2 bn
With a focus on structural battery performance
China is the Kingdom's first major partner in commodity trade
crown prince erdogan
Trade exchange during 5 years amounted to about 103 billion riyals
The Fund expects the Kingdom's GDP to grow by 7.6% this year
The Saudi-Jordanian Fund is a leap in promoting joint investments
Revenue from expatriate fees amounted to 6.86 billion riyals
Alamar to raise about 1.2 billion riyals by offering some shares on Tadawul
The program aims to establish logistics start-ups
"The Kingdom's leadership has promoted Saudi women to many positions"
101 deals to create 5,800 new jobs in the domestic economy
Domestic workers might be excluded form the visa-free travel scheme
Blame the increase in food, beverage, and transportation prices by 4.2%
The partnership will help Qoot manage digital orders more efficiently
Airline must pay minimum of SAR1,820 and no more than SAR6,000 in such cases
Saudi’s crude oil production capacity to reach 13.3-13.4 million BPD
Alkhorayef Water awarded four contracts worth $493 mn contracts in Saudi
Increasing share of women in work in MENA could increase the GDP to $2 tn
The games and esports company will hold 8% of the shares
Saudi LIV golf
Big names. Big money. And a worldwide tour that spans the globe.
The event discusses the pandemic's impact on the tourism industry
"The government is able to control public finances and financial sustainability"
Results coming from a significant increase in oil activities
Growth attributed to several factors, including a buoyant energy market
Saudi to attract 70 million international, local visitors
Foreign investors rose to historical levels in Q1, with 9,383 new licenses
Total shareholders’ equity raises to SAR 3.2 billion
MoU to promote healthcare sector, raise Saudization 
The kingdom could make $400 billion from oil industry this year
The initiative aims to mitigate the economic fallout of the pandemic
Government’s programs to boost home ownership have turbo-charged demand
Saudi fintech
106 deals worth in excess of $558 million, highest in the region
Women will improve the economic prosperity of Saudi
The new investment is valued at $238.3 million
The Saudi wave will push all the ships in the region with it
"We are at a final stages of designing our fiscal sustainability policy"
Saudi oil GDP expected to increase by 19%
Saudi Energy Minister: World must appreciate value of the alliance
Bin Talal's share in the company's capital declines to 78.13%
Saudi expects AVs to be available to everyone by 2050
Expenditure on cars in Saudi reached SAR 40bn in 2020
Trend Micro blocked 107 million threats in Saudi
Profits climbed to SAR151.9 compared to SAR139mn in 2021
Vision 2030 media coverage grew by 74% since 2020
Lucid to produce 150, 000 cars per year in Saudi by 2027
Kingdom's oil production reached 10.35 million bpd in April
The deal makes the fund 5th largest investor in the video game company
Electromin rolls out 100 charging stations for EVs across Saudi
Solutions by stc contracted to implement the strategy
KAUST attracts 5 global deep tech startups to Saudi
79K transactions completed since March 2020
Saudi will soon witness accelerating adoption of crypto
Prince Abdulaziz: Oil output depends on what we do in the divided zone
It seeks to boost annual coffee beans production from 300 to 2,500 tons
Al-Rajhi Financial expected Aramco to achieve profits of 136.6 billion riyals
It partnered with AMEX Saudi to launch new miles redemption program
Several factors to boost Aramco's share prices in coming months
The agreements aim to strengthen the industry by investing in new innovations
Net income increased by 15.5 percent to 48.8 billion Saudi riyals
The airline launches a rebranded business division; SAUDIA Business
Higher interest rates in 2022-2023 would further support it
GACA launches national strategy to connect 250 destinations globally
Mawani launches 12 private-sector investment opportunities
Saudi attracts investments worth $32 billion through 9 new projects
Rising commodity prices and global inflation fears pressure sales
Future Aviation Forum to offer $100 billion worth of investment opportunities
Saudi registers a domestic product of $833.5 billion
Gulf countries expected to grow their economies, IMF says
The Future Aviation Summit will feature 120 speakers, 2,000 attendees
FHS will gather government leaders to discuss ‘Reimagined Horizons’
The Kingdom announces a growth of 9.6% during Q1
The fund's total assets at end-2020 were 47.1% of national GDP
Saudi is experiencing a boom in trademarks and patent requests
Saudi Al-Rajhi
Saudi “Al-Rajhi” and “Al-Ahly” achieve net profits exceeding $1 billion
“The company will maintain flexibility and continue to generate strong profits”
Saudi is in a prime position to produce green and blue hydrogen
Number of factories in Saudi exceeded 10,000 factories
Saudi's building
The value of exports amounted to 108.4 billion riyals
Mohammed bin Rashid
Housing and social services projects are government priorities
Saudi's Center
Law ensures equal treatment for both Saudi, foreign investments
21 total listings in 2021, with volume offerings amounting to SAR31 billion
The first international fund dedicated to back the tourism sector
The majority of Saudi agree that multi-cloud is ideal
The new program to support SMEs through providing trade finance facilities
The company completed the purchase of Scientific Design
digital transformation
Startups are the most agile and therefore best positioned for quick shifts
SAMA reserves to rebound above $500 billion in 2022-2023
GAC approves 88 percent of applications in Q1
Residential lease deals amounted to more than 139 thousand contracts
Saudi banks notes
For every increase of 100 basis points, Banks' net income to increase by 13%
The joint venture will address needs of growing aviation sector in Saudi
Contracts industry rose to 78 percent in 2021
S&P Global Saudi PMI rose to 56.8 in March
$40 million to invest in Saudi technology startups
Since 2017, Saudi added 37,000 telecommunication towers
IoT will have a capital of SAR 492 million
Saudi IPO
In line with Vision 2030, we are currently witnessing a massive transformation within the Kingdom
OPEC said the increase in prices was driven by geopolitical tensions
Agreements aim to promote entrepreneurship in various fields
Agreements reflect Dussur’s appetite to invest in Saudi industrial sector
SAMA reaffirmed commitment to support finance and payments sectors
Technological Spending
Spending valued at 93 billion riyals by 2025
Several programs were signed, initiatives launched and agreements
GEC conference
The conference continued under the slogan "We Reinvent, We Renew"
saudi entrepreneurship
Saudi Ministry of Investment grants 4 licenses to start-ups, one VC fund
Consumer confidence
The region's net consumer confidence increasing 0.7 percent
Turkish agreement
Fund will invest in companies developing new tech or improving existing ones
Carbon Neutral
The Partners will supply, purchase, and trade carbon credits
Saudi Aramco
It announced cash dividends of 70.3 billion riyals  
saudi elecricity
SEC completed the implementation of sector regulatory and financial reforms
Saudi economy
Non-oil activities grew 5.1% in Q4 year on year
Saudi inflation
This is attributed to the 4.3% increase in transportation prices
Saudi Crown Prince development fund
An integrated financial institution towards achieving "Vision 2030"
Nahdi Medical
Bloomberg: The largest IPO in Saudi Arabia since Aramco
Saudi world defense
22 localization and capacity building agreements were announced
Net profit amounted to 587.7 million riyals ($156.64 million) at the end of 2021
nonprofit city
City located in the Irqah neighborhood, in a 3.4 km2 area
Saudi defense
Anticipation of an economic contribution reaching $186.6 million
saudi budget
Non-oil sector constituted 88% of the total increase in actual revenues
Saudi pharma
A mega IPO-filled 2021 is encouraging large companies to sell shares
Saudi Aramco
Aramco announces in March its top financial results for 2021
Saudi business
SMEs among the most important drivers of economic growth
STC saudi
STC net profit increased by 316 million riyals from the previous year
saudi money
It’s the second such increase since 2019
BNPL is framed as an interest-free alternative to credit card payments
Saudi women
The number of Saudis in the labor market reached over 1.9 million
Saudi mining
The Saudi mining sector in 2021 reached 83 billion riyals ($22.41 billion)
inflation Saudi
Saudi expects an inflation rate of 1.3% in 2022, and 2% in 2023 and 2024
green bonds
PIF’s ranking rose to sixth in the world, having compiled assets worth $580 billion
مصنع سعودي
Saudi is one of the world’s fastest-growing countries in manufacturing
Saudi Aramco
Transfer part of Saudi's long-term strategy to restructure its economy
صندوق رأس المال للتكنولوجيا
Prosperity7 was designed for the development of next-generation technologies
توقيع الاتفاق بين نيوم و ام بي سي
The AAA gaming studio will form an integral part of the NEOM Media Hub
PIF headquarters
The fund's assets increased to $412 billion in 2020 from $152 billion in 2015
Digital Saudi
Global, regional, local audiences witnessed Saudi’s digital transformation
Saudi raised its natural gas production by 30% over the last 10 years
Riyadh metro
Riyadh Metro was a headline grabber before its upcoming launch
Agency predicts rate hikes from central banks in union
Block chain network and programming concept on technology background
Technology ensures invulnerable data security
The project will add SAR47 bln to the Kingdom's economy by 2030
CMA approves listing of over 70M shares from several companies
Valued at $12.4B, Aramco deal biggest in 2021
Kingdom effects legislative renaissance supporting economy, global positioning
Western double standards risk reducing production levels
Botox and fillers used to enhance camels' looks in a bid to win $66.6 mln
Cooperation strengthens maritime transport, trade ties
Q3 growth at 7% YoY, beating estimates
Saudi's SISCO strengthens its logistics plans via new acquisition