War economy
A snippet of Saxo’s 2023 Outrageous Predictions
Russia sanctions
EU ban on Russian crude oil imports comes into force
State of anticipation EU and G7 decisions
US inflation
household incomes in October increased by 0.7 percent
Global growth
After the Covid pandemic in 2020 and the financial crisis in 2009
Bitcoin is better than gold, suggests researcher
China protests
Fear of supply chain disruptions again
Trust has hit rock bottom, but the markets haven’t
Wall Street is closing higher. The dollar continues to decline
There’s more to Ethereum than meets the eye
ACCA reaffirmed its commitment to Certificates in Sustainable Finance
Britain austerity
Raising the Extraordinary Tax on energy giants' profits
Eurozone recession
ECB Deputy: We will do what it takes to reach 2% inflation
Mastodon is basking in the glory… for the moment
To finance, facilitate transition to clean energy
Indonesian President: "2023 will be more difficult for the world"
Region has largest number of banking professionals interested in blockchain
global markets
US inflation report dominates the markets, instills hope
G20 summit taking place in midst of most difficult geopolitical conditions
UK economy
The first drop in GDP since early 2021
Markets saw upsurge in after the Ministry of Labor report
Resulting in crypto prices going down across the board
Raising hopes that higher prices are starting to slow
Latest sale brings total value of Tesla shares sold by Musk to $20 bn
Funding is set to be provided by private and public investors
midterm elections
All eyes are on inflation data to be released on Thursday
OKX Football Festival will include an NFT game, a trading competition
Cop 27
Saudi and Egypt agree to cooperate in electricity and renewable energy
Organizations are rethinking conventional business processes, practices
Firms investing in environment for first time surged fivefold since 2021
Global markets
Investors expect interest rates to rise above 5% next year
British Prime Minister will demand from countries to keep their promises
Lebanese Lira
The customs dollar comes into effect in a few days.. Unless
Methane is solely responsible for 30% of global warming.
Goldman Sachs lowers its UK growth forecast for 2023
Central banks
Turkey remained the largest reported gold buyer in 2022
AI will consume more energy than the human workforce
Musk Twitter
By firing top execs, considering blue tick revamp
Federal Reserve
Wall Street ended its sessions with a decline following a month of gains
Eurozone inflation
Energy costs expected to have had the highest annual rise
Financial Markets
The Federal Reserve's future policy has weighed heavily on the markets
He sacked senior executives he accused of misleading him
NFT royalties
Though not everyone is a fan of the royalties model
The bank's budget is large, close to 9 trillion euros
IHS Market: Eurozone economy on verge of contraction in Q4
WhatsApp outages have also been reported in UK, Europe
"The world is experiencing the first truly global energy crisis"
Rishi Sunak
As Penny Mordaunt drops out of leadership race
Investors concerned major economies will stagnate before inflation is curbed
Fitch: Lebanon not to receive significant revenues before start of production
Liz Truss
"I will stay on as prime minister until her successor is chosen"
Federal Reserve
"Economic prospects are becoming more pessimistic" in the US
Premier’s position weakens with departure of another leadership figure
Eurozone inflation
Energy prices recorded the highest annual growth
Eurostat releases inflation data for September today
Will Netflix's results today rescue tech stocks from a recession?
Yellen acknowledges impact of strong dollar on inflation in poor economies
UK Finance Minister
Truss would hold a press conference later today to discuss decision
Consumer prices rise more than expected in September
interest rate hikes failed to keep pace with rising inflation rates
PwC: Where your cash goes determines where your business is heading
Company's market share in the Middle East has increased by 16%
Committee considers need for gradual adoption of further policy tightening
Global e-bike sales could reach $40 to $120 bn by 2030
It warned of a period of "high volatility" in financial markets
The Arab Gulf economies are going against stagnation, inflation
Posing across a range of genres these apps include games, VPNs
Global markets
Fed expects to raise interest rates by another 125 basis points this year
The IMF would cut global growth forecast by 2.9% in 2023
Nobel prize
For their work on banks and financial crises
Company also updated its Pixel smatphones
US inflation
US inflation rate remains at its highest level in 40 years.
Georgieva: Our global economy is like a ship sailing amid crashing waves
White House: U.S. needs to be less dependent on OPEC+
Musk agreed to pay price he initially offered before trying to quit deal
Climate change
Despite increasing climate impacts, climate optimism grew to 48%
Global economy
According to Saxo Bank's Q4 forecast
The Conference lowered its growth forecast
Reports suggest coalition will reduce output by more than one million barrels
credit swiss
Credit Suisse tries reassuring investors as financial fears rise
Metaverse devices
AR headsets will be the main driver of future consumption growth
Bank of England intervenes in the face of 'actual risks to financial stability'
The decision to negatively affect banks and their balance sheets
It could be a while, but it’s coming, argues expert
Cyber attacks
TCP-based, DNS water-torture dominate DDoS threat landscape
Prices have fallen sharply this month by about 30 percent
Ether rose 4 percent to a one-week high of $1,389
“Expect interest rates to rise again during upcoming meetings.”
capital markets
Investors worried about interest and inflation are affected by growing fears of a recession
Manufacturers must navigate soaring costs, supply chain issues
Giorgia Meloni could become first woman to hold premiership
Wall Street dips, investors try to absorb effects of an interest rate hike
Oman is expected to announce a similar move
Rates to rise until the level of funds reaches the "final price"
Since Musk spoke to the social media company’s team in June
MPs meets again on Monday to decide on the draft budget for 2022
“We will not let this high inflation create a permanent problem.”
Germany LNG
As part of the country's efforts to diversify oil imports way from Russia
The 7A will ensure more efficient use of spectrum
Capital markets
Short-term bond yields continue to rise with anticipation of the Fed's decision
Metaverse technologies
By 2028, 10% of public events will offer participation in metaverse
A crucial Thursday meeting awaits BoE and Japan central bank
Bitcoin ETFs
SEC’s stance is causing the US to fall behind the rest of the world
Georgieva: “Let’s recognize it’s a matter of internal political constraints”
A flexible office environment can better align employee needs, business goals
Company aims to expand its use cases—particularly in GameFi
Eth blockchain would split into two different networks
"The Eurozone and the UK both expected to enter a recession"
Gen Zers
Most Gen Zers are more anxious about the number in their bank account
Elon Musk
Two parties scheduled to square off in court on Oct. 17
Overall market softening heightened transactional volume of M&As
US inflation
Officials from the Fed will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday
Most Insta reels users have no engagement whatsoever
But half will not meet targeted revenue expectations
On Ukraine gains, rate hike forecasts
Biden to hit China with broader curbs on U.S. chip and tool exports
Following the March 2022 theft of more than $600 mn from Ronin Network
As with all things related to the merge, only time will tell
"Inflation is likely to stay above target for an extended period”
Liz Truss
"We are facing a global energy crisis... And these are no cost-free options"
Reaching a level last seen in August 1998
Returning the inflation rate to 2% is the “first task” of the Fed
The Qatar Central Bank was the largest buyer
iPhone 14
New iPhone series has four phones, the most notable of which is the Pro Max 14
Cyber attacks
Cybercriminals are now incorporating deep fakes to evade security controls
Fitch: A recession in the euro area is likely as gas crisis worsens
Russia’s response to capping oil prices is more shipping to Asia
Liz Truss
She vowed to keep her election promises, boost economic growth
Crypto hack
Attempts were also made to remove NFTs from the actor’s own wallet
Capital markets
Labor market data indicators raised expectations with a hardline FED approach
It fell 0.70 percent to $0.9884
Wall Street Journal: Russia opposes plans to cut production
August inflation figures expected for release in first half of this month
Truss favorite to lead Conservative Party, run Downing Street, come Monday
Yet another Ethereum-based service that’s going places
About 35 countries are experiencing a major food crisis
UK inflation
Well above the baseline forecast of 14.8%
Scientists zooming in on specific proteins that help old minds stay young
Worldwide spending on AI solutions could reach $1.99 bln in 2022
Unprecedented levels of unemployed youth in July since 2018
Water, electricity, gas costs jumped 460% in one year
NASA sets new date for ‘Artemis I’ launch to moon orbit
Russian gas
Gazprom will "completely" suspend its gas deliveries to France's Engie
Climate change
Manufacturing, distribution to be hit hardest and costing $4.2 trn
Dark kitchens
Restaurant-to-home delivery industry will be a $500 bln market globally
Japanese stocks recouping losses
“IMF approved 7th, 8th reviews of fund facility for Pakistan”
The standard European gas price has risen 550% in past 12 months
supply chain
Drought, flooding make water crossings impossible to navigate
Young gamers
Youngsters currently spending more time and money in the metaverse
Communications providers
Commitment to digitalization to shape future of communications industry
In just 8 minutes, Powell caused a market downturn that wiped out about $78 billion
Can the Merge be the match in the powder barrel?
They are at risk of losing the confidence they built over decades
The Merge will be completed at some point Sept. 10-20
Chef Rameez of LONU
LONU brings back age-old recipes to life
NFTs set for long-term recovery following current winter of cryptos
Output cuts likely to coincide with Iran’s possible return to oil markets
White House
With Omicron's return, the Ukraine war, inflation, and interest rate hikes
There is an increased risk that the world economy will slow down
US Department of Agriculture expects production to fall to the lowest level since 2009-2010
Poll: The Fed will raise interest rates by 50 basis points in September
Exploration contributes to energy security, additional gas supply to Europe
Proposed solutions will not avoid a recession soon to show signs of stagnation
Financial Markets
A volatile week on Wall Street with widespread drop in stocks at week’s end
One week after surprise cuts in key rates
Does the move thwart crime, or individual’s privacy?
Wealth fund
Led by a 28 percent drop in the value of technology stock holdings
BOE: High energy prices in Europe are the main driver behind inflation
Based on economic data that showed lackluster momentum
Covid vaccine
Vaccine expected to be available to adults as a booster jab from the fall
Digital trust
88% of MEA consumers saw a net improvement in their levels of digital trust
And why is the crypto community divided over this service?
Production at several US offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico has resumed
Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 4 among the latest announcements
Driven by drop in household spend, winding-down of Covid-related services
The shrew animal is thought to be responsible for spreading virus
More than $220 billion in loans can be linked to unfinished projects
Codes could monitor interactions, passwords, and credit numbers
Ukraine ranks last in the list of top 10 wheat-producing countries globally
There is uncertainty about how quickly any new crop can be harvested
the dollar index fell 1.025 percent
Price of gasoline has gone down considerably
Goldman Sachs revised its oil price forecast to $110 a barrel
Brent crude futures fell 74 cents, or 0.8%, to $94.18 per barrel
Gold exchange-traded funds lost $4.5 billion in July
Inflation expected to peak at over 13%
The BoE is expected to raise interest rates the most since 1995
Apple leads the list as tech giants draw focus
Taiwan manufactures about 50 percent of the world's semiconductors
Worst-case scenario would be to reduce growth to 2% by 2023
Total issuances in H1 stood at $4.2 tn, down 11%
Tech select sector increased by 12% last month alone
Concern about pledges of premiership candidate to cut taxes
Markets focus on a possible slowdown in rate hikes rather than a recession
OPEC Sec Gen: Russia's presence in alliance key to agreement success
But there are bigger challenges than the ongoing crypto winter
They believe their security strategy is ‘In the Doldrums’
It has broad implications for Americans and the global economy
Offering reassurance to an earnings period weighed down by inflation
Gold demand in the 3 months to end of June dropped to 948 tonnes
GDP shrank 0.9 percent in the second quarter
Why did a crypto exchange develop a communication app?
"Meta" recorded about $6.69 billion in profits for the second quarter
On Wednesday, Bitcoin increased nearly 9% to $22,792.02
"I don't think the economy is in a recession at the moment"
CDC issued a Level 2 travel health notice in late May
Approval of $150 million World Bank wheat supplies loan agreement  
Microsoft, Alphabet yesterday... meta today, Apple, Amazon tomorrow
Advancements in computer technology have vastly outpaced those in the medical field
Growth is slowing from 6.1% in 2021 to 3.2% this year
Current annual trade volume between UK, GCC amounts to $40 bn
They align better with the decentralized concept of DeFi
Capital Markets
The best week for stock markets, supported by a recovery in technology shares
The financing is expected to be completed within days
Investors keeping an eye on this week's GDP figures
"Today, there is a beacon of hope, possibility on the Black Sea”
"It's crucial to resume export of stuck grains through Ukrainian ports"
Volume of TPI purchases depends on severity of the policy transition risk
Raising the euro area out of negative interest for first time in 8 years
Stock markets fell, yield margin on Italian bonds widened
Tesla sold 75% of Bitcoin adding $936 mn to its balance sheet
Johnson: Whoever wins will take on the role of ' household cleaning'
Cybercriminals exploiting IT complexity to launch serious cyberattacks
MiCA will provide a unified licensing regime for the entire EU
Positive sentiment pushing Bitcoin and altcoin prices up
Global electricity demand is expected to rise by 2.4% in 2022
Many countries at risk of declaring default on their debts
A fifth and final vote for Conservative MPs will be held today, Wednesday
Millions to be displaced as rising waters reclaim heavily populated lands  
“By 2035, CO₂ emissions in the UAE will be reduced by 24,000 mt”
39% are planning to spend more on travelling further afield
And why is the event so important for the world’s second largest blockchain?
Finland's Olli Rehn likely to raise rates by 25 basis points
BA.5 having a field day, but many others on the way
Yield curve inversion gap biggest since 2000 pointing at recession
Attracting workers with digital skills is the biggest challenge
Both major benchmarks for crude shed more than $5 a barrel
Participants may not issue closing statement
Mixers improve the anonymity of crypto transactions
Senate confirms Michael Barr Vice Chairman of the Reserve
IMF: Expectations of further deterioration
New experts will separate business strategy from IT operations
For first time since 2002
Above the 8.8 percent Dow Jones estimate
UAE, France are expected to launch a business and investors club
Company blamed it on the uncertain global economic picture
Historic decline for the first time in 20 years
The world will soon have 8 billion people
Twitter said it was confident the company would win the case
The takeover deal is in "serious jeopardy"
FAO Food Index decreased to 2.3%
Britain's economy under pressure from high inflation levels
Over 71 million are pushed into poverty in just 3 months
IIF: Continued volatility in stock markets hurt expectations
The leverage rate is expected to rise by 11.3 percentage points
"A longer-lasting tightening would complicate the global economic outlook"
Expect a new rate hike of 50 or 75 basis points in July
Globally, crypto assets are largely unregulated
Long queues, missing baggage and halted travel plans
Russia stops shipping Kazakh oil, which raises prices again
87% had to move fast to accelerate digital deployments
July important part of the year, sees the start of harvesting crops
"Inflation in Europe and the US could reach 8 percent"
Technology is changing the hospitality industry at a pace never seen before
Bitcoin registers largest quarterly loss in over a decade
G7 recently discussed a plan to put more pressure on Moscow
The headline inflation rate came in at 8.6 percent
Soon to announce a new tool to combat jumps in bond yields
S&P: Challenge is controlling inflation while avoiding stagnation
Transporters need to submit advance cargo information under Phase II
The state and central bank bear part of the responsibility
Central bankers gather in Portugal for their annual conference
G7 pledges $5 billion to boost global food security
It empowers them to make influential decisions
This is partly driven by the acquisition of stocks trading at a premium
global markets
Stock markets gain for first time in a month, oil prices fall below $110
Targets tackle climate change, health, equality, digital infrastructure
Grace period on $100 Interest payment has expired
He stressed the US Central Bank's commitment to "strongly" reducing inflation
Musk appeared virtually yesterday at Qatar Economic Forum
The state spent $62.6 billion via decrees over 10 years
global markets
The worst week for global stocks since the markets collapsed with the outbreak of Corona in March 2020
Nook's assets are valued at 245 trillion pounds
Yellen doesn’t  see a recession as inevitable
The move highlights Volvo's position as a key player in climate action
Money transfers amounted to about $605 billion in 2021
Confidence in engineering a "safe landing" has diminished
After 27 years, Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer
The last time interest rates were breached by 1% was in 2009
The unemployment rate is expected at 3.7 percent by end 2022
The DDoS attack resulted in 26 million request per second
Amazon produced 20 drone prototypes since Air Prime launch
Long-term stagnation was cited as the cause of the layoffs
Upon shocking emergency meeting to address rising borrowing costs
97.3 cases per one million doses developed symptoms of carditis
The European Fear Scale has reached its highest level since 2020
Global oil demand to grow roughly to 3.4 million BPD in 2022
If approved, increase will be the largest since 1994
Blame the release of the recent US inflation report
Collapse may pose threat to consumer confidence; unlikely to stop growth
IMF to open a representative office in Beirut 
Yellen says the US is experiencing "unacceptable levels of inflation"
FDI rebounded to nearly $1.6 tn last year
Sectors recover at different speeds
Connected cars by Ben Barber
Are you just driving in your car? That will soon be a thing of the past!
Banks are charged a negative 0.5% fee on their central bank deposits
Ukraine war exacerbated the slowdown
Bitcoin could bring equity in finance as never before
15 months ago, DEXs first eclipsed CEXs in on-chain transaction volumes
Citi estimated Brent to average $75 per barrel in 2023
financial markets
US Treasury yields at their highest level in 2 weeks following jobs’ data
The company champions sustainable design to reach net-zero
About 90 percent of Russian oil imports to the bloc will be stopped
The Open Committee meets on June 15,  to approve 50 basis points increase
Biomolecular restoration: Making reverse-aging a reality
Putin to lose about $10 billion annually in oil export revenues
Business travel is regaining momentum as a growing number of companies look at it to secure growth
Oil prices hit a two-month high
The institute expects strong growth in ME
Supply chain turmoil, trade finance gap, hinder global economic growth
The war in Ukraine likely a driving factor towards an economic slump
The richest man in the world’s wealth decreased by 5.4%
Japan, the US, Spain, France, and Germany are at the top of the list
While the outbreak is unusual, it remains “containable”, says WHO
Jerome Powell was sworn in for his second term
WEF considering taking the MENA regional summit to Riyadh
Everdome announces upcoming metaverse land auction date
Oliver Cronk GDPR
Risk analysis is another important area of GDPR compliance
This contrasts with the strong relationship between gold, real yields
Global Financial Markets
US stocks suffer the longest series of losses since the Great depression
Removing company from S&P's 500 index worsened  losses
65% of CEOs expect their companies would focus on ESG
2,500 leaders and experts gather to reconnect and share ideas
Rules out larger increase of 75 basis points at the next meeting
Global Financial Markets
US dollar consolidated its gains near 20-year peak
Musk believes fake users make up 20% of total users
New Delhi move comes following 8-year high inflation
Poly observes 12 considerations to navigate hybrid working
A 195 billion-euro plan to stop Russian fossil fuels' import by 2027
A clear case of playing on people’s sentiments.
The company announced completion of $1 billion funding for 2022
Bosch to invest 500 million euros to produce hydrogen
The value stolen from DeFi protocols trending up since start of 2021
The CPI was 8.3% year on year in April
rug pull scam
 Stay away from tokens backed by anonymous developers
The company acknowledged that it is fascinated by NFTs
Bill gates
Gates has been invested in public health issues long before COVID-19
Capital markets
10-year US Treasury yields exceed 3.1% for first time since 2018
Analysts expect the Fed's monetary policy to lead to a "bear market"
edible plastic
The cost of food wasted annually around the world is about $1 trillion dollars
The WUC to explore the role of hydrogen in the future of the utilities sector
Crypto market
And things don’t look too bright for the coming week, either.
Inflation reached very high levels, 7.5 percent last month
As of 2022, the Nike brand was valued at more than $33 billion dollars
Johnson incurs losses in elections due to high cost of living
Global trade
About 11% of all goods shipped worldwide are stuck in traffic
The "OPEC +" is scheduled to hold its next meeting on the second of next June
Sports organization FAME MMA acquires land on Everdome’s metaverse
Say Goodbye to cheap money secured by quantitative easing policies
Collectors have sent over $37 billion to NFT marketplaces in 2022 as of May 1
Personalized Learning
New UNESCO report reveals science-based blueprint for rebuilding education systems
A heat wave threatens the production and exports of Indian wheat
Crypto lawyer
Planning to stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape
The mistake resulted in a $26 billion drop in market value
Biggest increase since Alan Greenspan's tenure
It posted loss of over $20 billion as it withdraws from energy group Rosneft
Twitter may see 'slight cost' for businesses and governments
NFT investments
It’s not just rogue elements that can endanger your NFT investments
Wall Street Journal: Musk told investors he plans to organize an IPO
FOMC 15 march meeting
Federal Open Market Committee raises interest rates by 50 basis points today
US economy
The drop in production paints a misleading picture of the economy  
Earnings were driven by demand for cloud-computing services.
Oil output increase by 432,000 bpd
111 databases were exposed to the open web in the UAE, 372 in Saudi
Facebook's user base is growing at an all-time high
Twitter- Musk deal
The deal could be canceled if it is not closed by October 24
Twitter Musk
Twitter has over 217 million daily users
Financial markets
Investors are concerned about the possibility of US policy tightening
This comes days after he unveiled his $46.5 billion bid for the social-media company
EU meeting
Failure to comply could cost 6% of companies’ annual global sales
Woman at work
"Important progress in the UAE and Saudi Arabia from countries in the Middle East"
It anticipates a global loss of two million paid memberships in the Q2 of 2022.
Temporary higher taxes on excess profits could be envisaged.
Emmanuel Macron
S&P's: Le Pen's presidency threatens prospects for French banks
The plan prevents Elon Musk from buying a majority of Twitter shares
The financial institution downgraded its growth outlooks for 143 economies
Sri Lanka
This comes ahead of negotiations for an IMF bailout
Three factors determine actual impact of any new Corona variable
The crisis will reduce global GDP growth to 2.8 percent
UN: War likely to increase debt distress and hunger in developing countries
US inflation
The Fed's leaning to raise interest rates by 50 basis points
global markets
The dollar reached its highest level in two years... and oil prices fell back to below $100
food crisis
World Food Program: War pushing MENA into starvation
Federal interest rates
Committee on Open Markets expected to agree to reduce balance sheet at May 3 meeting
Mastercard to connect 25 million women to digital economy by 2025
global marketss
An inversion of the yield curve points to potential recession the next two years
Federal reserve
It signaled seven rate hikes for this year to bring inflation under control
Sanctions Russia
Sanctions driving central banks and investors to reassess the dollar
Federal Reserve
Global central banks unveil their monetary policies this week
ECB left the option of raising interest open before the end of the year
US inflation
"Goldman" warns the US economy could be in a recession next year
federal reserve
Next could be the fastest rate of price increases since the 1980s
Global markets
US bond yields exceed 2% and oil is at a 7-year high
أسهم التكنولوجيا
The worst performance of tech stocks since 2008 just took place
NFT coin
Collectibles only the first round, bigger market boom lies in wait
Vaccines jabs
A COVID-19 vaccine and booster scandal brewing
ECB still buying govt bonds, corporate securities
How will an energy crunch impact the shift to renewables?
Here's how higher inflation rates affect you
Portrayal as villains in film taints image of technology
Western double standards risk reducing production levels
Rolls Royce says it will manufacture 3 Boat Tail models only
Cooperation strengthens maritime transport, trade ties
UK market's fears subdued by 3-shot Omicron vaccine's success
Source: Airports Council International blog page
ACI: Investments to develop airports worldwide expected at $2.4 trillion by 2040
GCC investors eye UK's real estate sector