Gold price

Gold prices hit one-week high ahead of Fed meeting

Market dynamics and global economic developments shape precious metal's outlook

Gold prices increase amid Fed rate cut speculation

Investors await Fed minutes for clues on interest rate timing

Gold prices recover marginally after drop following US inflation data

Traders reassess rate-cut expectations as economic data contradicts earlier trends

Gold prices recover from dip as Powell counters rate cut expectations

Central banks' record gold buying drives demand to new heights

Gold prices surge as Fed’s interest rate decision nears

Rising geopolitical risks and monetary policy uncertainty drive investors towards safe-haven assets

Gold prices rally on Middle East tensions and Fed meeting anticipation

Gold maintains its safe-haven appeal as investors seek refuge amid economic uncertainties

Gold prices fall, market awaits GDP and inflation data

Strong economic indicators and diminishing recession fears impact gold's allure

Gold prices rise as investors await U.S. interest rate cuts

Uncertainty looms as investors navigate economic data and central bank decisions

Precious metals sector trades down as rate cut speculation persists

Short-term direction of gold and silver tied to economic data, dollar, rate cut, among other factors

Gold prices dip with stronger dollar, cautious rate cut approach

Yellow metal’s new 0.2 percent decline follows a 1.3 percent decrease in previous session

Indicators suggest gold will maintain strength in 2024

Metal likely to remain within specific range but exhibit some volatility

Gold prices surge over $2,030 amid escalating geopolitical tensions

Yellow metal gains safe-haven appeal as U.S. dollar weakens

Gold prices surge as dollar retreats, markets await CPI report

Investors brace for impact on Federal Reserve's monetary policy direction

Gold prices overcome four-day losing streak

Gold attracts some buyers close to the $2,030 price point

Gold market hits positive momentum to kick off 2024

Precious metal was trading around $2,075 as of early European trading session

Gold retreating from peaks but holding above $2,000

Factors behind surge and subsequent retreat