Present at Seamless, Economy Middle East conducted an exclusive interview with Charles Matta, Chief Strategy & Partnerships Officer at MyMonty, a technology company.

“We proudly call ourselves fintech enablers, enabling different spectrum of target segments, starting with banks to mobile network operators, moving into fintechs playing the B2C aspect, targeting end users and at the same time fintechs on the B2B side, where we complement each other to offer convenient services to end users,” Charles said.

The company is part of a larger Monty Mobile Group servicing mobile operators for over 25 years.

As to how the company differentiates itself from the market, Charles said that “Differentiating factors are numerous, depending on the line of service, but we do leverage on the latest technologies to differentiate ourselves, starting with Artificial Intelligence and building an integrated AI on all technologies we operate with, whether that service tackles mobile operators or banks, and on the agility of the services, given the technology is built on blockchain to ensure security measures, safe international money transfers at high  speeds, and so on.”

To find out how MyMonty enters into joint commercial collaborations with their clients, and more, watch the video here.