Abu Dhabi implements clinical AI model in healthcare ecosystem

Personalized medicine becoming a reality with M42 clinical AI model
Abu Dhabi implements clinical AI model in healthcare ecosystem
Clinical AI aids in creating personalized treatment plans

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making significant strides in healthcare. It is revolutionizing the industry by enhancing diagnosis, treatment, and administrative efficiency. Additionally, it’s improving medical imaging accuracy, aiding in early disease diagnosis, and accelerating drug discovery.

Moreover, personalized medicine is becoming a reality, as AI tailors treatments to individual patients based on their unique data. As AI continues to evolve, its integration promises to improve patient care and outcomes, ushering in a new era of healthcare innovation.

Transforming clinical decision-making

 In a groundbreaking move, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) has joined forces with M42, a global tech-enabled healthcare network. The strategic collaboration involves the integration of the new clinical large language model (LLM), across Abu Dhabi’s healthcare landscape. The primary goal of this collaboration is directly improving patient care.

As part of DoH’s ongoing digital transformation initiatives, the department is dedicated to streamlining clinical decision-making. Therefore, utilizing M42’s Clinical LLM is a valuable AI assistant for healthcare professionals.

Potential applications include developing personalized treatment plans and facilitating faster access to relevant medical information for doctors. Additionally, the model supports medical researchers in reviewing literature and journals more efficiently.

Dr. Rashed Obaid Al Suwaidi, executive director of the Healthcare Workforce Planning Sector at DoH said: “The speed of clinical decision-making is translated today by effectively employing Med42 as an AI assistant for healthcare professionals.”

He added: “The tool will allow us to efficiently harness healthcare data… while improving patient care and the sector’s outcomes”

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Addressing critical healthcare aspects

The collaboration between DoH and M42 will leverage AI capabilities to address critical aspects of the healthcare ecosystem.

This includes population health management, optimizing processes, enhancing patient care and outcomes, reducing costs, and disease prevention. Moreover, the first integration point will be with Malaffi, which enhances the user experience through a chat-based interface.

Malaffi stands as the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s pioneering Health Information Exchange platform. This innovative system facilitates the seamless and timely exchange of critical patient health data among healthcare providers. Thus, it acts as a centralized source of comprehensive patient records.

“Med42 has the ability to accelerate access to healthcare knowledge and enhance clinical decision-making, all resulting in better patient care and in the future, a more personalized experience” stated Ashish Koshy, Group COO at M42.

He added: “Our partnership with DoH, is an important step towards accelerating the adoption of AI-assisted clinical care and creating greater efficiencies across the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi.”

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