ADGM launches new platform for online dispute settlement 

Prioritizing security and confidentiality of users
ADGM launches new platform for online dispute settlement 
ADGM (Photo Credit: WAM)

The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Arbitration Centre has introduced a new online dispute resolution platform called “ODR@ADGM.” This platform offers a fully digitalized settlement and mediation service, allowing parties from anywhere in the world to resolve their disputes conveniently.

Prioritizing security and confidentiality

ODR@ADGM prioritizes the security and confidentiality of users, while also emphasizing the importance of allowing parties to maintain control over the resolution of their disputes. Also, the platform can be accessed remotely and seamlessly through the website at any time.

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How to initiate the process? 

To initiate the process, parties can submit their disputes through the platform and will be guided through a series of questions that lead to the creation of a tailored settlement offer for the other party. An invitation is then sent to the other party to join the platform and engage in negotiation.

Once both parties are registered, online negotiation begins with flexible deadlines based on their specific needs and requirements. If an offer is accepted, a template settlement agreement is available through the platform, enabling a self-driven solution. Alternatively, parties can collaborate with their legal representatives to create their own settlement agreement.

What happens in case of negotiation failure?

If negotiation fails to reach a settlement, parties have the option to access a mediator who will assist them in maintaining control over the outcome of their dispute. With confidentiality and flexibility at the forefront, the mediator actively helps parties bridge the gap in their settlement discussions and reach a mutually acceptable compromise. Moreover, the time and cost savings provided by this fully digitalized platform, which is easily accessible without disrupting day-to-day business operations, are invaluable to parties involved.

Latest digital intiatives 

ADGM remains a leading advocate for digital transformation in dispute resolution. In addition to the recent launch of “Mediation in the Metaverse,” ADGM Courts have also introduced a blockchain technology solution for the global enforcement of commercial judgments.

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