Al-Rumayyan: Aramco continues to secure the world’s energy needs

Sustainability in the Aramco hierarchy of priorities
Al-Rumayyan: Aramco continues to secure the world’s energy needs

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Aramco, Yasser bin Othman Al-Rumayyan, announced that “Saudi Aramco realizes the magnitude of the challenges, and it continues in its indispensable role in securing the world’s energy needs, while at the same time implementing a set of great impact initiatives to reduce environmental impacts on our planet.”

In a statement on the sidelines of the 2022 International Petroleum Technology Conference, Al-Rumayyan said that the elevated position of sustainability in the hierarchy of Saudi Aramco’s priorities is a strong incentive for the company to secure a flexible and more sustainable future that depends on smarter energy, innovation, and development of technologies to produce effective and successful solutions to address energy and climate challenges globally.

Al-Rumayyan pointed out that the International Petroleum Technology Conference, sponsored by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and hosted by Saudi Aramco, “is a good proof of its leadership, as the conference represents an ideal opportunity to enhance cooperation and search for solutions to global energy challenges in the long term, and a model for the level of Saudi Aramco’s cooperation.”

“With business leaders at the regional and global levels, International institutions, government agencies, and stakeholders, together strive to find more sustainable energy solutions through positive leadership and sharing of experiences.”

He added: “Our efforts are recognized by having a platform with strong foundations through which we can contribute to the energy sector globally, which is what motivated us to adopt the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and future technologies that support the largest smart oil fields in the world, and help raise the level of their efficiency.”

Al-Rumayyan pointed out that Aramco was able to continue to innovate and explore effective carbon management solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its business and reduce the intensity of carbon emissions resulting from the company’s exploration and production sectors, until it became among the companies with the lowest levels of carbon emissions resulting from the activities of the exploration and energy. It has also demonstrated its financial prowess and operational reliability while taking the necessary measures to maintain the health and safety of its employees.

He stated that the company enjoys a highly sustainable production capacity with Saudi Aramco among the highest in the energy sector, with a reliability rate of more than 99 percent, and represents a basic shield against market fluctuations, not only for the kingdom but for the global economy.

He pointed out that Saudi Aramco is focusing its efforts on empowering communities and individuals, ensuring business sustainability, and developing a commercial system by launching and supporting pioneering initiatives in the energy sector such as “Kitfa” and “Aramco Namaat”, all of which form an integral part of its long-term vision to develop the energy sector and make globally competitive.

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