‘AlUla Moments’ launches the Inaugural Ancient Kingdoms Festival

Epic visitor experiences offered in ancient frontier oases
‘AlUla Moments’ launches the Inaugural Ancient Kingdoms Festival
AlUla Moments

From 11th – 27th November, for the first time ever, the three linked ancient oases of North West Arabia will offer immersive experiences set in historic and natural landscapes as part of the Ancient Kingdoms Festival.

Named after the legendary ancient kingdoms of AlUla, the Festival will connect AlUla with the historical areas of Khaybar and Tayma – unlocking exciting and immersive experiences that bring to life stories that span millennia, reaching across successive civilisations and interconnecting the great cultures of ancient history.

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As open-air galleries of discovery, the epic scale of the triad of AlUla, Tayma and Khaybar will be uncovered through tailor-made experiences and excursions that highlight the unique character of each site and unlock the layers of history within. From spectacular after-dark light shows and carriage rides at dawn, to hot air balloon and helicopter flights over monumental prehistoric architecture; culinary pop-ups, historical re-enactments and guided trails through legendary oases, the Festival is set to create moments that last forever.