Assets of Riad Salameh, Lebanon’s cental bank governor, seized

Lebanese authorities have taken decisive action
Assets of Riad Salameh, Lebanon’s cental bank governor, seized
Central Bank of Lebanon

Trials have resumed against Riad Salameh, the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon. For decades, Salameh held the reins of Lebanon’s monetary policies. Just months before the economic crisis in Lebanon, he was hailed as a key figure in preserving the nation’s financial well-being and awarded an ‘A’ rank by Global Finance. However, as the country’s economy plummeted into crisis in 2019, Salameh’s reputation came under fire.

Salameh on trial

In March 2022, France, Germany, and Luxembourg seized 120 million Euros worth of monetary assets in Europe. If he is convicted, the Lebanese treasury will confiscate the assets and sell them at a public auction. He has an Interpol Red Notice arrest warrant issued in his name.

In February of this year, Lebanese authorities charged him with embezzlement, money laundering, and tax evasion, along with accusations of mismanagement, corruption, and personal gain. On Monday, Judge Shaheen seized Salameh’s assets in Lebanon as the trial was resumed. He says, “The seizure included luxury real estate and apartments owned by the governor in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Batroun, in addition to a number of cars.” 

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The recent interrogation of Salameh marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation into his financial affairs. Recently, Lebanese authorities have taken decisive action, freezing his assets and seizing properties.  Judge Charbel Abu Samra is leading the interrogation, alongside Judge Gabi Shaheen. 

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