Bahrain strategy enhances its position as a global tourism hub

Strategy partly aims to raise inbound tourism spending to 2 billion Dinars
Bahrain strategy enhances its position as a global tourism hub
Bahrain Tourism

Bahrain’s four-year tourism strategy for the years 2022-2026 aims to spur the overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 11.4 percent by 2026.

Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister, stressed the importance of the plan, which would enhance Bahrain’s standing as a tourism destination, increase the number of targeted countries, and diversify tourism in the Kingdom.

“The strategy is based on seven main pillars, including work on waterfronts and tourism activities in business, sports, recreation, medicine, culture, archaeology and history, media, and cinematography,” Al Zayani added.

Al Zayani, also Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA) Chairman, said that the strategy aims to raise the total inbound tourism spending to 2 billion Bahraini Dinars (BD), attract 14.1 million visitors, increase the average visitor spending per day to BD74.8, and raise the average tourist nights to 3.5 days.

These targeted indicators would enhance the contribution of the tourism sector to the national economy, diversify sources of income, create more job opportunities for citizens, increase the Kingdom’s competitiveness and attract more tourism investments.

He noted that the pillars of Bahrain’s tourism strategy will focus on facilitating entry, diversifying tourist attractions, including projects and events, marketing and promotion in partnership with the private sector and the national carrier “Gulf Air”, and enhancing tourism accommodations.

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