Citi tech hub plans to employ 1,000 Bahraini coders

Women make up to 22 percent of the Bahraini employees
Bahrain coders

Over the next decade, Citibank‘s Citi Global Technology Hub will employ 1,000 Bahraini coders.

Financial services corporation Citi Bahrain conducted technical coding tests and interviews to choose a country for its Global Technology Hub. Bahraini talent outperformed other regions with the highest pass rate. In terms of female talent representation, the candidate pool stood out.

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According to Meta’s Inclusive Internet Index 2022, Bahrain ranks first globally in a number of subindices. Female digital skills training, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, open data policies, and privacy regulations are examples of these.

The technology hub currently employs 110 Bahrainis. Of these 110, 91 have already begun working at the Citi Seef headquarters. A total of 19 new hires are still on the way. Women account for 22 percent of all participants. This percentage outperforms the average number of female employees in other Citi tech hubs around the world.

Coders have had a significant impact in developing Citi’s digital platforms, including Citi Velocity and CitiFX Pulse, Citi Bahrain’s CEO, Michel Sawaya, noted.

Global Tech Hub was launched in 2022 from a strategic collaboration between Tamkeen, Bahrain’s labor fund, and the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), the Kingdom’s investment promotion agency. Its aim is to create and improve digital solutions for Citi’s regional and global client base.

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