Bluesky thrives as Twitter woes continue

Key differentiator is network decentralization
Bluesky thrives as Twitter woes continue

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year, he has made a series of decisions related to the social media service that left many users puzzled and angry.

Bluesky, an invite-only rival to Twitter and which was created by Jack Dorsey, the original creator of Twitter, has promptly gained a user following since debuting in February 2023.

Global followers have incredibly downloaded the app 360,000 times from Apple’s app store worldwide, according to consumer data group, and a waiting list of over 1 million users are ready to jump on the bandwagon, according to Bloomberg.

The difference between it and Twitter is that Bluesky is a network designed to be on a decentralized platform, which translates into user data being stored in independent servers rather than in ones owned by one company. This will give users more autonomy in how they interact on the platform.

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“We envision an open social media ecosystem where developers have more opportunity to build and innovate, and users have more choice and control over which services they use and their experience on social media as a whole,” Jay Graber, CEO of Bluesky, posted on a blog in 2023.

Essentially, Dorsey made Bluesky an open-source project. Twitter is floundering amid complaints requiring users to pay for previously free blue check marks that signal their identities have been verified and then deciding to give away blue check marks to certain high-profile people.

Bluesky is still heavily modeled from Twitter. It has more similarities than it has differences. It can now be downloaded on both Android and iOS. The project is still in the early stages and it is being tested in the Beta stage.

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