center3, Huawei to build Huawei Cloud Region in Saudi

center3's goal is to provide digital infrastructure and data center solutions
center3, Huawei to build Huawei Cloud Region in Saudi
center3 signed a strategic deal with Huawei

center3, the provider of hosting and data services in the MENA region, announced the signing of a strategic commercial deal with Huawei, a global provider of cloud service, information, communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, and smart devices. Under this agreement, center3 will provide hosting and data services to Huawei to help it expand its cloud footprint in the region and meet the growing demand for cloud services.

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center3 is partnering with Huawei to create a strong digital infrastructure in KSA and the Middle East region. The agreement represents a major step forward for Center3’s mission to provide digital infrastructure and data center solutions to businesses in the region. The agreement with Huawei is expected to open up new avenues of growth for Center3 and its partners as well as create a positive economic impact in the region.

“We are thrilled to partner with Huawei to provide them with the cutting-edge digital infrastructure in the MENA region,” said Fahad AlHajeri, CEO of Center3. Huawei shares Center3’s enthusiasm for the partnership. “This collaboration is a significant step forward for both companies, and we are looking forward to a successful future together,” said Alan Qi, CEO of Huawei Cloud KSA.

center3 is a visionary initiative of stc Group that aims to establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the heart of international data connectivity, bridging and connecting three continents – Europe, Asia, and Africa – and becoming the MENA region’s data center hub. By deploying state-of-the-art communication and hosting technologies and scaling up data center capacity, the company seeks to enhance its digital business and create new investment opportunities in global communication services and data centers.

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