ChatGPT is putting personal assistant jobs in serious danger

It can generate more personalized and accurate responses tailored to our needs.
ChatGPT is putting personal assistant jobs in serious danger
ChatGPT personal assistant

ChatGPT creator, OpenAI, has bigger plans for the chatbot than just fun and games: CEO Sam Altman wants to turn it into a smart personal assistant for work.

OpenAI wants to build a new ChatGPT with large language model (LLM) capabilities and focus on making it more commercially viable. After being fed prior knowledge of its user such as their age, writing style or business they are in, that assistant could write document drafts or summarize meetings, among other things a human assistant usually does.

The feature could put OpenAI in a conflict of interest with Microsoft, its primary business partner, investor, and cloud provider, the latter having invested $10 billion in OpenAI and owns about 49% of the company.

Assuming a company that subscribes to the Microsoft Cloud schedules a meeting during which sales data is discussed and product strategy decisions are made. That company is likely to be comfortable capturing that data in the Microsoft cloud and trust that the data would never go outside the Microsoft infrastructure. But sharing the data with an LLM hosted on servers outside those walls, controlled by OpenAI, may feel awkward.

OpenAI software customers such as Salesforce also want to use OpenAI’s software to build smart assistants named “copilots” for people at work.

These copilots and smart chatbot assistants are creating angst that the technology could replace traditional jobs held by humans. We will see how next.

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 The ChatGPT assistant is already working for us

In more ways than one, ChatGPT is already functioning as a personal assistant to both individuals and companies.

OpenAI recently announced the launch of an innovative feature for its ChatGPT platform called ‘custom instructions’, allowing users to provide specific prompts to the chatbot, eliminating the need to repeat the same instructions during each interaction.

Users can share contextual information, preferences, and constraints, allowing ChatGPT to generate more personalized and accurate responses tailored to one’s needs.

If an individual, for example, informs ChatGPT of their family size, the chatbot can better advise on meal planning, and grocery shopping, also enabling the suggestion of restaurants or flights based on the user’s location.

A $20 subscription to a paid ChatGPT service paves the way for a better work-life balance.

The AI chatbot can streamline certain routine tasks, including developing strong client engagement and becoming an essential part of revenue-driving strategies for entrepreneurs, via answering potential customer queries, converting more leads, and increasing customer loyalty, altogether generating an increase in repeat business.

ChatGPT can be trained to identify common topics that clients inquire about, be it in real estate, finance or any other sector of the economy, and provide relevant responses to client inquiries.

Fed with proper amounts of relevant data, ChatGPT can generate reports that allow for analyzing client execution and interactions as well as the execution of marketing campaigns in terms of conversion rates.

ChatGPT personal assistant

Top ChatGPT functions

A ChatGPT working as an assistant comes with remarkable benefits many of which humans can hardly compete with.

  • 24/7 Availability: This tireless AI-powered chatbot is never on holiday.
  • Prompt replies: Forget research time. Chat GPT functions as a knowledge base that is always expanding
  • Foreign language expertise: got foreign clients that only speak their language? No problem. ChatGPT’s seamless multilingual communication also ensures no message is lost in translation
  • Personalized Interaction: ChatGPT algorithms allow it to customize each discussion to users’ tastes.
  • Content Moderation: ChatGPT can be used to find and filter offensive information, fostering a safer online environment.
  • Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech: AI personal assistants translate speech to text and vice versa, which is advantageous for people with hearing loss or speech problems.
  • Reminders and calendars:  ChatGPT can act as your daily planner assistant

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