ChatGPT surpasses Netflix, ranks ninth among top ten websites by visits

The smart chatbot is reshaping the digital landscape with AI innovation
ChatGPT surpasses Netflix, ranks ninth among top ten websites by visits
ChatGPT has emerged as a prominent player in the online ecosystem

The ever-changing digital landscape is being shaped by continuous technological innovation. In this dynamic environment, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence language model, ChatGPT, has emerged as a prominent player, surpassing some of the dominant entities in the online ecosystem.

According to data from Finbold, ChatGPT’s official website received an estimated average of 1.51 billion monthly visits between June 2023 and August 2023. This places ChatGPT in the ninth position among the top ten major websites in terms of visits. Notably, it surpasses Netflix, which recorded 1.49 billion visits during the same period.

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Meanwhile,, the search engine owned by Alphabet, continues to dominate the digital arena with a staggering 85.41 billion visits. YouTube closely follows with 33.56 billion visits. Facebook, a product of Meta, secures the third position overall with 17.2 billion visits, while Instagram occupies the fourth spot with 6.68 billion visits. X (formerly Twitter) maintains a steady presence with 6.48 billion visits. Other notable entities include e-commerce giant Amazon, which garnered 2.46 billion visits, securing the eighth position in the rankings.

ChatGPT Netflix

Rapid expansion

ChatGPT’s website visits position the platform as one of the rapidly expanding entities on the internet, an impressive feat considering its launch less than a year ago. OpenAI introduced this tool at a time when established traditional players hesitated due to concerns surrounding interactive AI platforms, including the potential risks of misinformation dissemination or the spread of hate speech.

AI competition

As ChatGPT continues to advance and enhance its capabilities, we can anticipate a significant transformation in our interactions with digital technology. The competition between AI models like ChatGPT and traditional content providers such as Netflix is likely to drive innovation in both sectors, ultimately benefiting consumers with more options and personalized experiences. In response to this evolving landscape, even established players like Google have entered the race by incorporating AI into their systems through the launch of the Bard platform, further solidifying Google’s dominance in the digital realm.

Continuous improvements

Nevertheless, ChatGPT is effectively countering this growing competition through continuous improvements. Recent updates have introduced new features, including the removal of knowledge limit cut-offs and the ability to browse the web. Additionally, the industry is watching with interest as Tesla CEO Elon Musk develops an AI tool to rival ChatGPT.

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