Ahead of COP28: Mashreq’s Climb2Change initiative features historic dual ascent of Burj Khalifa

Mashreq's COP28 participation aims to foster sustainability, driving impact
Ahead of COP28: Mashreq’s Climb2Change initiative features historic dual ascent of Burj Khalifa
Scaling new heights. (Supplied)

Ahead of the highly-anticipated COP28 summit which opens today, Mashreq, a prominent MENA region financial institution, has forged a partnership with esteemed climbers Alain Roberts and Alexis Landot, who accomplished the remarkable feat of scaling Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa. This groundbreaking achievement serves as a pivotal moment for Mashreq’s recently launched Climb2Change global initiative. This strategic endeavor seamlessly merges the bank‘s comprehensive array of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and milestones, encompassing its enduring commitment to sustainable finance and its aspirations to expedite environmental and social progress. By actively participating in COP28, Mashreq reaffirms its dedication to fostering sustainability and driving meaningful impact.

Powerful representation

Renowned as the “French Spiderman,” Alain Roberts has achieved remarkable feats by scaling towering skyscrapers, including the renowned Burj Khalifa, often without the aid of safety gear. Accompanying him on this awe-inspiring endeavor was Alexis Landot, an inspiring climber who fearlessly embraced the monumental challenge. This extraordinary ascent not only showcases the boundless potential of the human spirit and the power of collaboration but also underscores Mashreq’s unwavering dedication to raising awareness about critical climate issues such as waste management, recycling, and environmental preservation. The climb stands as a resounding symbol of Mashreq’s Climb2Change initiative, embodying the bank’s steadfast commitment to actively contribute to global sustainability endeavors.

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Momentous feat

Commenting on this, Ahmed Abdelaal, Group CEO at Mashreq, said: “This momentous feat for Mashreq is part of our newly unveiled Climb2Change initiative, launched to integrate our ESG activities and commitments to achieve the highest ESG standards, in line with our guiding principle to ‘Rise Responsibly.’ This initiative aims to inspire and empower others to reach their own Climb2Change milestones for a sustainable and greener future and aligns with our active participation at COP28, reinforcing our commitment to global sustainability efforts.”

Prime position

Expanding on its previous sponsorship of COP27, where Mashreq proudly stood as the sole bank in the MENA region to forge a partnership with the event, the bank is now in a prime position to utilize its influential role as a sponsor for COP28 to champion sustainable finance and drive climate action. This not only reinforces the bank’s unwavering dedication to sustainability but also aligns with the UAE’s vision for an inclusive COP that prioritizes tangible action and engages all stakeholders.

Highest ESG standards

The joint ascent of Alain and Alexis symbolizes Mashreq’s core principle of ‘Rise Responsibly’ and serves as a powerful demonstration of the bank’s continuous dedication to elevating its practices to meet the most stringent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. It also reflects Mashreq’s mission to empower and inspire other businesses and individuals to embrace a sustainable and environmentally conscious path.

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