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By Daria Prodaevich
February 25, 2022 5:03 am

Technology to usher in a new era of digital art

Artists now seeking new art forms and unconventional mediums
Digital art
Digital art

Creators have ng used art as an innate form of human expression and identity. New artists have emerged from non-artistic materials including books, magazines, and everyday objects, bringing truth to the statement that a good artist can make art out of anything.

Over the past two years, artists have moved away from the traditional model and are now seeking new art forms, like digital art, and unconventional mediums to express their true artistic identity.

The development of technology has supported this trend, making it possible for new artists to reach audiences beyond the conventional boundaries of the art world, said Daria Prodaevich, Art Director at Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai.

Digital Art with VR


Digital art, such as 3D virtual reality (VR) or computer graphic techniques are also becoming popular tools enabling artists to revolutionize traditional art forms, pushing the barriers of creativity and imagination. For instance, VR lends itself to be the most immersive way yet to experience the emerging Metaverse. Though still developing, VR for art inches closer to widespread availability and adoption every day: artists from all over the world use VR technology to produce visual masterpieces.

Augmented reality (AR)


Augmented reality (AR) is also becoming increasingly popular in art spaces. Smartphones and tablets have made it possible for art enthusiasts to enjoy the art exhibition from the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, AR adds a third dimension to displays, bringing sculptures or paintings to life, enabling the option to view an entire museum display without having to step out. For instance, the Prado Museum in Madrid debuted the world’s first 360-degree immersive experience in 2019, enabling users to view artwork and artifacts from any location

Humanity’s need for art and technology


Today, the effects of modern technology may be seen not only in the development of new art techniques, but also in how art is experienced, viewed, and increasingly, marketed. It can be argued that art is perhaps at its most needed right now, providing solace during uncertain times.

UAE Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura Al Kaabi, even discussed at a recent panel how the arts have brought the diverse UAE community together in solidarity during the worldwide crisis.

Especially with the advent of the pandemic, technology has integrated into every sphere of life, including art.

Art galleries and museums all over the world have transformed their business models with many turning to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. The cryptocurrency art market already tops $2 trillion and is still rapidly rising.

Digital art venues


Technological advancements have not only widened the scope of art but have increased its accessibility with the introduction of digital art venues. A digital display with detailed audio-visual enhancement provides an experience like no other and welcomes people of all ages to witness the magic of art.

The rise of digital art market is resulting in a significant percentage increase of younger collectors and curators all over the world too. Venues such as the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai (ToDA) provide a platform for local and international artists to create work that can be seen and appreciated across the globe.

Investments in Art


The UAE is also evidently embracing the rising need to back the country’s art and culture. Last year, Abu Dhabi announced plans to invest AED 22 billion over the next five years in its cultural and creative industries.

The National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries opened last year to increase the economic contribution of the cultural and creative industries to at least 5% of the GDP in the next decade. This along with the development of legislation will form the foundation for the development of the UAE’s arts sector.

Events at ToDA


ToDA has a series of events that allow international contemporary digital artists to shine through. Visitors can explore the world of NFTs at the. dreams exhibition that features seven international artists.

They are also able to relax and meditate at events like live Sleep Concerts, start their day with immersive yoga or get to know the eras of art through the centuries, all assisted by a combination of high-end technologies and art accompanied by engaging music, 360-degree visual effects and surround sound.

As technology pervades every fragment of daily life, digital art spaces will undoubtedly advance in the years to come.