5 digital habits to stay cyber-safe in 2023

That can strengthen the safety of your personal data
5 digital habits to stay cyber-safe in 2023

Early January is a great time to start using healthy digital habits and you still have time to make a promise to yourself and try to follow them during the next year.

Here’s a list of simple healthy digital habits that can strengthen the safety of your personal data and even make life easier in the coming year, according to experts from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. 

New Year, new passwords!


Start the New Year with a real password revision. Remember the main rule – don’t use the same password for multiple accounts! Modern password managers have features that greatly simplify life with passwords. Another handy option is the automatic password generator. 

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Subscribe to notifications about account data leaks


You can get ahead of scammers in 2023 if you use services that scan the latest leaks and look whether they contain your data. Advanced password managers include this feature as well and quickly notify users if any of the saved logins or passwords are found in the recent data leaks.

Get a VPN for more privacy


VPNs are now a must-have for anyone who wants to stay safe and private online. Modern VPN solutions meet all user needs, for example, they are easy to use, provide high traffic speeds and keep personal data private.

Transfer documents to a safe place


You can create a folder on your computer or upload your documents to a password-protected cloud – but both of these options are potentially insecure and can lead to the loss of personal data.

Learn more about child’s hobbies on the Internet with kids


Today, children have digital devices in their hands from an early age – about five years old. For a child’s path to the digital world to be safe and interesting, it is important to teach and share with them the rules of online safety from childhood. To make such talks more enjoyable and interesting, parents can use games and other entertaining formats.

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