Dubai Judicial Institute at the forefront of the metaverse

Becoming first training entity in the legal and judicial fields
Dubai Judicial Institute at the forefront of the metaverse
Dubai Judicial Institute officially launched its presence in the metaverse

In line with the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which aims to turn Dubai into one of the world’s top 10 metaverse economies and a global hub for the metaverse, Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) officially launched its presence in the metaverse to provide its services and specialized training programs. This makes the institute the first training entity in the legal and judicial field in the world to integrate the metaverse into its services.

This integration will involve a number of stages in the coming period, starting with the launch of the first training program in the metaverse, followed by subsequent stages to consolidate the metaverse as a fundamental pillar and sustainable working method for DJI. This aligns with DJI’s strategic vision of fostering judicial excellence and promoting global competitiveness through digital transformation and the provision of intelligent services.

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Dubai metaverse

Judge Dr. Ebtessam Ali Al Badwawi, Director General of Dubai Judicial Institute 

Judge Dr Ebtessam Al Badwawi, Director General of DJI, said: “Through the use of metaverse, the institute aims to enhance community life and improve the quality of services it provides.”

“We reap numerous benefits and advantages by allowing Dubai Judicial Institute a presence in the metaverse. This move will play a pivotal role in realising the emirate’s vision of becoming a global leader in innovation and advanced technology. Additionally, it will facilitate easy access for judges and their assistants to the institute’s programs and specialised diplomas, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills. Using metaverse technology, we aim to create an immersive learning experience that promotes greater engagement and participation, ultimately leading to better outcomes for our stakeholders,” she added.

The use of metaverse technology will also help establish a flexible virtual environment that enables relevant authorities to interact with the institute’s services, initiatives, and programmes. This environment will allow us to host virtual events and activities, promoting greater accessibility and convenience for our stakeholders. Furthermore, metaverse technology will catalyse innovation and creativity, developing new and more effective solutions. By leveraging these technologies, we support the implementation of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, which aims to generate new economic value from digital transformation and solidify Dubai’s position as a global hub for the digital economy. This move will further cement our country’s place in the global digital system, reinforcing our commitment to leading the way in digital innovation and development.

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