Exness unveils the future of fintech

Exploring disruptive tech in capital markets in a packed masterclass
Exness unveils the future of fintech
Exness' participation in the summit showcased its commitment to shaping the future of fintech

Exness, the world’s largest multi-asset broker, made a significant mark at the recently concluded Lisbon Web Summit 2023. The event, renowned as the largest tech gathering worldwide, drew over 70,000 attendees. Moreover, it featured personalities from organizations such as Microsoft, MIT, Qualcomm, and TechCrunch.

Damian Bunce on decoding fintech

In a packed auditorium, Damian Bunce, Exness chief customer officer, delivered an insightful masterclass titled “Fintech decoded: disruptive tech in capital markets.” The masterclass was a deep dive into Exness’ pivotal role in the development of financial technology. Moreover, Bunce traced the transformative impact of technology in the sector. He detailed its evolution from traditional institutions’ dominance to the current era of fintech innovation.

Bunce’s presentation provided a comprehensive view of the transition in the liquidity landscape and the trade execution standards that paved the way for the democratization of trading. Attendees gained valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the financial markets. Furthermore, they witnessed how technology has reshaped the landscape and empowered traders globally.

A global conversation

Reflecting on the event, Damian Bunce emphasized the Web Summit’s role in technological advancement and innovation. ” The Web Summit is at the heart of technological advancement and innovation,” Bunce stated. “It aligns with our core vision of leveraging technology in creating advanced products. We were excited to contribute to the global discussion about the future of fintech,” he added.

Exness stands at the forefront of the industry by combining technology and ethics to create a favorable market for traders. The company’s ethics and vision focus on offering clients a frictionless trading experience. Thus, it brings the financial markets to life as they should be experienced.

Today, Exness holds the distinction of being the largest retail market maker, boasting a monthly trading volume of almost $5 trillion. With a client base exceeding 600,000 active traders, Exness has established itself as a leader in the industry, redefining the standards for a seamless and efficient trading experience.

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The future unveiled

Exness’ participation in the Lisbon Web Summit 2023 not only highlighted its current standing as a global industry leader but also showcased its commitment to shaping the future of fintech. Damian Bunce’s masterclass served as a testament to Exness’ dedication to innovation, providing a glimpse into the transformative potential of technology in capital markets. As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, Exness remains at the forefront, steering the industry towards new horizons.

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