Flash floods claim 4 lives in Oman

Oman was affected by the depression's peak impact
Flash floods claim 4 lives in Oman
Civil defense rescuing stranded people

Since the beginning of this week, several cities in the Sultanate of Oman have been flooded by heavy torrents of flash rains in various parts of the country.

Oman was affected by the depression’s peak impact, known locally as the Monsoon Depression, as heavy rain fell, causing loss of lives and the destruction of properties. 

Videos posted by social media users show that two children, one of whom is 9 years old and the other is probably around 10, were killed in the Al Sarh neighborhood in the Wilayat of Rustaq in water gatherings. Circulated videos show the heavy flow of torrents across various valleys in the country as a result of the severe rainstorms. A 6-year-old child who drowned in Wadi Bani Awf in the Wilayat of Rustaq was found dead and dragged out by the locals.

Rescue operations for those being stranded in homes and valleys are ongoing. In the Wilayat of Ibra in the North Sharqiyah Governorate. A man also saved the lives of two children who have been swept away in torrential rains in the Wilayat of Ibra in the North Sharqiyah Governorate. 

The Amman Police Department also announced the death of an Asian expatriate who has been swept away in a valley in the Wilayat of Al Hamra in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate. The man’s body was recovered by Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority rescue teams in the previous hours.

Convective clouds are expected to continue to flow to the coastal areas of the Sea of Oman in the coming hours, with alerts from the flow of valleys and the formation of torrential rains in some areas, particularly in parts of the capital, Muscat.