Get more out of your Emirates ID

Travel, cash withdrawal and more
Get more out of your Emirates ID
Emirates ID saves you time at UAE airports

In the UAE, every resident, and citizen, must have an Emirates ID (EID), which is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (UAEICP).

It is a mandatory legal requirement for both citizens and residents, acting as a unique identifier. However, its advantages extend beyond its primary role as an identification document.

Here, we will explore five benefits that you can enjoy by using your Emirates ID.

Healthcare benefits

Availing of healthcare services in the UAE is made easier with the Emirates ID. Whether you need to visit a doctor’s clinic or seek specialized medical care, presenting this ID ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. Your Emirates ID will have your entire medical history.

It likewise serves as a valuable asset for insurance coverage. If you forget your health insurance card, you can still avail of medical services by showing your Emirates ID.

Additionally, it helps minimize fraud and misuse of medical insurance services by eliminating the need for physical insurance cards.

Convenient banking

The Emirates ID provides a convenient banking experience for cardholders in the UAE. Many banks in the country have adopted the use of this ID card for various banking services.

For Emirates NBD customers, for example, it can be used to withdraw cash, by using the bank’s mobile app. Customers need to generate a code through the app which will allow them to withdraw cash from the ATM with only their EID.

Meanwhile, Mashreq Bank takes it one step further by allowing customers to perform multiple banking tasks using the ID card. Customers can open accounts, pay bills, update personal information, and withdraw or deposit cash simply by showing this ID.

Al Hilal Bank is another example. It facilitates cash withdrawals and transfers using Emirates IDs at their ATMs, offering further convenience to customers in managing their finances.

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Integration with government services

The Emirates ID not only simplifies transactions and interactions for UAE residents and citizens. More importantly, it also enables seamless access to multiple government services. This integration has significantly enhanced convenience for cardholders in accessing government benefits and services effortlessly.

Additionally, the EID facilitates efficient travel not only at Abu Dhabi International Airport but also at Dubai International Airport. Both airports have implemented smart gate systems that recognize Emirates IDs to streamline the immigration process.

Consequently, they improve the overall travel experience for passengers.

Using your Emirates ID in airports

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, the smart gates leverage facial recognition technology. The data associated with your Emirates ID helps expedite the immigration process.

Similarly, Dubai International Airport has also implemented smart gates. These gates also use advanced facial recognition technology and biometric systems to verify the identities of eligible passengers.

The integration of this ID with smart gates enhances security, saves time, and improves immigration efficiency for residents and visitors.

Payment for petrol

Using your Emirates ID for petrol payments has never been easier. At chosen fuel stations, you can now use your ID as a payment method, making it unnecessary to have cash or cards.

To use your ID for fuel payments, you will need to download the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Wallet app. After installing the app, link your Emirates ID to it and add money to your account.

When you refuel at ADNOC petrol stations, insert your Emirates ID into the card payment slot and follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment.

You can also use this ID with the ADNOC Wallet app to pay for ADNOC Oasis convenience store purchases and car wash services.

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive discounts are one of the most enjoyable perks of holding an Emirates ID. Cardholders gain access to a plethora of discounted rates and deals across numerous hotels and attractions in the country.

Users can take advantage of these exclusive discounts by simply presenting their card. It enables them to explore and enjoy the diverse experiences that the UAE has to offer while saving money.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it possible to get an Emirates ID card within 24 hours?

Yes, the UAEICP provides an urgent service called “Fawri” for obtaining the ID card within 24 hours. This service is available for all age groups and can be utilized for:

  • First-time registration
  • Renewal of expired cards 
  • Replacement of lost or damaged cards 

In addition to the regular stated fees, an urgent service fee will be applicable for using this expedited service.

Q: How much does it cost to apply for an Emirates ID?

The application fee is AED200, which includes AED100 for smart services, AED50 for application processing, and AED50 for e-services and federal authority fees.

Q: How will I know when to renew my Emirates ID card?

The UAEICP will send you an SMS notification requesting that you renew your ID card. This notification serves as a reminder to initiate the renewal process within the specified timeframe.

Q: How can I apply for the renewal of my Emirates ID card?

There are multiple ways to apply for the renewal of your ID card. You can visit the website of the UAEICP or download its app from Google Play, App Store, or Huawei. Additionally, you can also choose to apply through an accredited typing center. 

Q: What should I do if my Emirates ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged?

Report the loss or theft of your ID card to the nearest UAEICP Customer Happiness Centre immediately. You will also need to apply for a replacement card. 

The replacement fees for a lost or damaged ID card are AED 300 in addition to the application fees of AED 70 (typing centers) or AED 40 (eForm on the ICA website). 

After submitting the application, you will receive a text message from UAEICP notifying you of the status of your application and the expected delivery date. The new ID card will be issued within 48 hours after a successful application.

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