Google’s Bard chatbot gets a major upgrade

Stepping up in the competitive market
Google’s Bard chatbot gets a major upgrade
Google is reintroducing its Bard AI chatbot

Google is reintroducing its Bard AI chatbot, with new features and expanded language support.

Bard will now be available in over 180 countries and territories, with support for Japanese and Korean, and promises to support 40 languages in the future.

The chatbot also has new multimodal query capabilities that work with images, allowing users to use images in prompts or have Bard explain them.

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Google is also launching extensions for Bard, including from its apps and services such as Maps, Sheets, Gmail, and Docs, as well as working with third-party partners to bring their services into Bard. Adobe’s Firefly, a generative image generation service, will be the first third-party service supported by Bard.

Bard can now surface images in its responses, as well as expand its coding capabilities with enhanced code citations, specific blocks of code, and relevant licensing information.

In addition, Bard can now map results with Google Maps and structure data in a table, which can be moved to Google Sheets.

Google’s focus on generative AI in most of its products is evident in Bard’s new features, and its move to expand its capabilities and language support.

As the chatbot market continues to grow, Bard’s new features and language support could give it an edge in a highly competitive space.

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