New report highlights challenges of hybrid working

Poly observes 12 considerations to navigate hybrid working
New report highlights challenges of hybrid working
Hybrid working

Hybrid working is here to stay as an increasingly permanent fixture, not a short-term fad, but many organizations are struggling to make the new model a success.

New York Stock Exchange listed company Poly published a new report titled The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations, in partnership with workplace research platform WORKTECH Academy.

Poly observes through the report twelve considerations for companies to navigate hybrid working and identifies the key challenges around people, technology, and spaces that employers face.

Returners versus Choicegivers, In-Person versus Digital Presence, and Always On versus Overwork were among the main considerations outlined by Poly. Also, the considerations included time versus place, formal versus informal collaboration, and alone versus together. 

The report looked at the differences between in-person and virtual presence in the workplace, and the need to create meeting equality irrespective of where employees are located, utilizing the right tools and technologies.  

Similarly, the report urged organizations to clearly outline expectations around etiquette in a world where time and place are becoming increasingly blurred.

In addition, according to the study, organizations must know their workforce to understand behaviors and preferences. 

Moreover, the report discussed the need to balance being prescriptive, and allowing employees choice and personalization on how they work and collaborate. 

The findings show that hybrid work environments will need the right technology investment to extend employees’ sense of purpose and belonging outside the office.

Furthermore, the analysis highlighted that equality of experience will be at the heart of inclusive organizations that allow everyone to feel involved regardless of their location and individual characteristics.