Is there a future for dark kitchens?

Restaurant-to-home delivery industry will be a $500 bln market globally
Is there a future for dark kitchens?
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The global delivery industry is now projected, according to BusinessWire, to be a potential market that will cross the $154.34 billion mark by 2023. As a result, this may positively reflect on dark (cloud) kitchens, a new business model that’s also booming, as per a new report released by online order management platform Deliverect.  

The on-demand food industry is booming and has significantly capitalized on the shift in consumer behaviors driven by the global pandemic and mobile technology expansion. 

Despite the diversity in the dark kitchen’s new business model, which opens new opportunities, Deliverect wonders whether there is – or not – a future for this kind of kitchen. 

The platform shows that millennials are the driving force, as the restaurant-to-home delivery industry is expected to be a $500 billion global market by 2026, with an annual growth rate of 8.29 percent.

Millennials spend most of their income on online food ordering because they like to taste different cuisines that offer a quick and smart solution to save time. They also have high purchasing power and prefer third-party delivery sites (with over half (54 percent) ordering this way). As a digital-first generation, millennials are critical of their experiences and enjoy sharing reviews and feedback online, the report says.

The study suggests that dark kitchens need to strengthen their digital presence, to provide excellent services. And that implies an evolving relationship with customers and their new habits, leading to more considerable revenue in an industry expected to be worth $1 trillion by 2030. 

The analysis highlights that cloud kitchens can move further and capitalize on the wave by expanding their channels and looking for efficiencies through optimization and more visibility, which will boost sales.