LEAP 2024: stc Group showcases innovations in healthtech, smart city solutions and logistics

Utilizing 5G and artificial intelligence to transform vital sectors
LEAP 2024: stc Group showcases innovations in healthtech, smart city solutions and logistics
stc Group revealed how it is utilizing infrastructure standardization to ensure smooth IT operations

stc Group recently showcased its innovations at LEAP 2024, offering insights into how it is revolutionizing healthcare, empowering digital cities, and transforming logistics through advanced technology solutions. Riyadh is hosting the third edition of LEAP from March 4 to 7, 2024. With an impressive lineup of industry leaders and experts, this year’s event discusses cutting-edge topics under the theme “Into New Worlds”, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of technology.

Healthtech exhibition

At the Healthtech exhibition, stc Group demonstrated its commitment to becoming a key player in digital healthcare, expanding capabilities in the service of real-time and future healthcare. Its offerings include public health technology that facilitates physician-patient communications and medical data access for doctors and patients. Moreover, stc Group showcased its telemedicine services that leverage the group’s 5G networks to enable remote healthcare, keeping healthcare accessible to all.

In addition, the group showcased its smart health systems, imagining hospital and medical care in a digital age, connecting the systems of healthcare. Furthermore, the group exhibited its healthcare logistics which support confidential and time-sensitive medical support. Finally, stc Group showcased how it’s building the future of healthcare technology through artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. stc Group also utilizes virtual resourcing, 5G-connected healthcare systems, robotics surgery, 3D printing, and health monitoring devices.

Digital city exhibition

In the digital city exhibition, stc Group showcased its services that empower Saudi Arabia’s mega projects with digital capabilities. This includes connectivity and flexibility for faster data exchange across stc’s 5G networks. Moreover, it exhibited its smart city navigation solutions which integrate digital maps for safe and secure city navigation.

In addition, stc Group revealed how it is utilizing infrastructure standardization to ensure smooth IT operations, keeping digital cities thriving. Finally, it showcased its cloud & cybersecurity services, including stc Group’s Alibaba Cloud, which safeguards city IT systems to protect confidentiality across data storage.

stc Group

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stc Group services expand beyond connectivity. Its infrastructure solutions impact society and livelihoods through logistics. stc Group showcased the process of manufacturing to retail through solutions at LEAP 2024, showcasing digitalization in manufacturing in multiple ways. First, it showcased its AI-driven demand forecasting to inform supply decisions and inventory management. Moreover, it offered a glimpse into the control towers which offer digitalized dashboards across the supply chain.  This keeps real-time logistics updated and connected.

stc Group also supports logistics infrastructure development by using 5G automation to power smart facilities with automation and surveillance. In addition, it utilizes remote transportation technology which allows for always-on managing and tracking of fleets. This ensures efficient connectivity between manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to reach customers.

Moreover, it showcased its inventory management solutions which utilize state-of-the-art sales management systems that support retail sales and supplier demands. Finally, it spotlighted LastMile delivery which it offers through stc Group’s DAL platform.  LastMile delivery provides real-time delivery services for businesses to connect customers with their products reliably and quickly.

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