Major sustainable tourism project coming up in Kuwait

A net-zero carbon community that will accommodate up to 100,000 people
Major sustainable tourism project coming up in Kuwait
XZero City (Image credit: URB)

A Dubai-based developer named URB has entered the fray of futuristic community planning in the region after publishing plans for XZero City, a pedestrian-friendly, net-zero carbon community it says will eventually grow to accommodate up to 100,000 people.

The 1,600-hectare development is planned for the southern region of Kuwait to provide 30,000 residential units, as well as 30,000 green jobs, which will be created in various hubs such as medical, tourism, technology, educational, retail and entertainment, said a statement from URB.

XZero will promote sustainable tourism through its various eco-friendly hospitality assets, including a five-star eco-resort and eco-lodges. Edutainment attractions such as the utility park and nature conservation center will transform the city into a unique visitor attraction.

The green-tech hub, master-planned by URB, will promote a collaborative innovative environment in food, energy, water, and waste technology.

The medical hub will feature an autism village, a wellness center, and clinics. The educational hub will feature a nursery, school, and institute. The commercial hub will include indoor mall and flexible office spaces, it stated.

The project provides the highest standards of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The masterplan was designed using passive design strategies, as well as green and blue infrastructure, to create a sustainable development that requires the least financial investment whilst providing the highest environmental gains. 

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