Saudi embraces a new smart eco-friendly city

Alnama will have 100% renewable energy
Saudi embraces a new smart eco-friendly city
Alnama Smart City

Dubai-based developer URB announced the launch of a green living development in Saudi’s capital Riyadh with 11,000 residential units.

Saudi Arabia’s new AlNama smart city will be a zero-carbon community, according to the company charged with designing the development.

The hospitality hub, located on a 10 sq. km area in Riyadh, will create 10,000 jobs in various sectors, including green-tech industries to create a green circular economy. 

The green-tech hub will provide an innovative ecosystem for urban-tech companies related to food, energy, water, waste, mobility, and building materials. n

AlNama will consist of eco-friendly glamping lodges, eco resorts, and a nature conservation center to promote ecotourism, while an autism village, wellness center, and clinics within the medical hub will help promote medical tourism.

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced national aspirations and priorities for the research, development, and innovation sector that aims to enhance the Kingdom’s competitiveness locally and on a global scale.

One aspect of the two-decade-long plan included investment in future economies that will prioritize the promotion of digital technologies in the priority sectors and aim to develop futuristic cities that are smart and free of carbon emissions, SPA reported.

Developments like NEOM and the Red Sea Project are part of the extended investment into distinctive geographic locations for future Saudi generations.