Mastercard, to enable instant wallet top-ups for Careem in the UAE

Near real-time payments enabled for speed, convenience, and security
Mastercard, to enable instant wallet top-ups for Careem in the UAE

In partnership with credit card company Mastercard and global payments service provider, Dubai-based super app Careem Pay has integrated Mastercard Send to enable customers in the UAE to access near real-time payments into their Careem Pay wallets, making it quicker and more convenient to use the Careem app to transfer money and access daily services.

Unlike a conventional bank transfer which takes at least several hours or even days to complete, Mastercard Send enables people and organizations to send and receive money around the world in near real time, offering speed, convenience, and security.

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Mastercard Send is available in 108 countries around the world and is being rolled out in the UAE with Careem Pay, the financial technology arm of the Middle East ‘Everything App’, Careem. Mastercard Send is paving the way for innovative payment flows in the UAE, such as fast refund for marketplaces, disbursements for retail and delivery industries, as well as new P2P and international money transfer experiences.

Driving digital transformation

Amnah Ajmal, the executive vice president of market development for EEMEA at Mastercard, expressed delight in collaborating with and Careem to bolster the presence of Mastercard Send in the region. She mentioned that this partnership aligns with Mastercard’s commitment to driving digital transformation across the markets it serves.

Amnah Ajmal stated that Mastercard is actively working with partners to expand the range of innovative payment options accessible to consumers. The company aims to enhance consumer choice in this regard. Additionally, she emphasized that Mastercard will continue to grow its partner network as it expands the implementation of Mastercard Send across different segments and use cases.

Advanced payment services

Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo, general manager for MENA at, expressed their excitement about becoming one of the initial partners of Mastercard Send in the UAE. This collaboration enables them to offer advanced payment services to their customers and ensure a smooth user experience during wallet top-ups.

Abbondandolo emphasized their dedication to working closely with Mastercard to explore new use cases and increase awareness among merchants about the numerous advantages of Mastercard Send. They aim to highlight its benefits for both funding and disbursements.

Convenience and security

Ahmed Salahy, director of strategic partnerships at Careem Pay, expressed that the utilization of the Mastercard Send solution would assist Careem Pay in fulfilling its purpose and commitment to customers. The solution aims to simplify their payment experiences and enhance access to fintech products.

Salahy added that Careem Pay, the fintech arm and digital wallet of Careem, offers customers convenient features. These include topping up their wallet, transferring and receiving money with just a click, and making payments for various products and services. These services are available through the Careem’s Everything App and beyond.

Salahy further stated that the introduction of Mastercard Send provides customers in the UAE with the opportunity to enjoy near real-time payments. These payments offer both convenience and security. This addition supports financial inclusion and promotes the growth of Careem’s digital wallet within the market.

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