UAE’s Mersal Air reshapes package delivery in GCC

By streamlining middle-mile package delivery
UAE’s Mersal Air reshapes package delivery in GCC
Mersal Air seeks to revolutionize the e-commerce sector

Mersal Air, a recent Emirati start-up, seeks to revolutionize the e-commerce sector by streamlining middle-mile package delivery across the GCC.

The company, which plans to go public in Q3 2023, will aid local e-commerce companies in moving goods by providing them with cutting-edge, affordable, and dependable logistics tech-enabled solutions.

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“We are launching Mersal Air to re-invent package delivery for companies across the GCC,” said Ghassan Oueida, Chairman of Mersal Air. We intend to provide affordable, fast, dependable, and efficient middle mile services to assist e-commerce brands in rapidly scaling.”

Mersal Air, which is currently in the seed fundraising stage, aims to hasten the growth of the e-commerce industry by making it easier for e-commerce companies to conduct cross-border business. The company will simplify the middle mile of the logistics process, which is the most challenging and expensive component. Mersal will also offer reliable and speedy delivery alternatives across the GCC, giving large e-commerce companies and SMEs in the region access to the local market.

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