Monkeypox won’t be the next global pandemic? Or will it?

While the outbreak is unusual, it remains “containable”, says WHO
Monkeypox won’t be the next global pandemic? Or will it?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that monkeypox will not turn into an epidemic like the coronavirus, because there is a vaccine for it, noting that countries should be transparent by announcing infections if they occur.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya Channel, WHO Director of Epidemiology Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr emphasized raising awareness of monkeypox disease and how to treat it. 

He also stated that the vaccine for monkeypox exists, is effective to treat infected cases, and has been licensed, but that it still needs more tests. 

He added that the Organization recommends only vaccinating infected people and those who come into touch with them.

In addition, he highlighted that no country is immune to the threat of monkeypox spreading, urging all Arab countries to be ready to monitor any outbreak.

WHO said on Tuesday there have been 131 confirmed monkeypox cases and 106 further suspected cases since the first was reported on May 7 outside the countries where it usually spreads. 

According to the United Nations, this virus is transmitted from one person to another by close physical contact, particularly in cases where symptoms are present.

However, the UN reassured the outbreak of this disease is not at all similar in any way to the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic because it is not easily transmitted.

While the outbreak is unusual, it remains “containable” and limited, the WHO said, and it is convening further meetings to support member states with more advice on how to tackle the situation.

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