New TV channel set for launch on Saudi National Day

Official platform for broadcasting official events, entertainment activities, programs
New TV channel set for launch on Saudi National Day
Saudi National Day to witness the launch of a new TV channel

Saudi Arabia is set to launch a new channel called ‘Saudia Alaan’ (Saudia Now) on the occasion of the country’s 93rd National Day, which takes place on September 23. The announcement was made by Salman Al-Dosari, Saudi’s minister of media and chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA). The channel will serve as the official platform for broadcasting all official events, entertainment activities, and programs in Saudi Arabia.

The primary objective of ‘Saudia Alaan’ is to showcase the significant growth and rapid development that the Kingdom is experiencing. It aims to highlight the diverse range of local, regional, and international events and conferences hosted by Saudi Arabia in various domains such as politics, economics, education, and entertainment. The launch of this channel reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to achieving the goals outlined in its ambitious Vision 2030.

Mohammed Al-Harthi, the CEO of SBA, has stated that all preparations for the launch of the new channel have been completed. ‘Saudia Alaan’ will dedicate its programming to covering events, occasions, and activities taking place across the Kingdom. It will also integrate with social networking platforms to engage with a wide audience and facilitate interaction with the public. The channel aims to provide high-quality services and has established partnerships with various entities to enhance its content.

Event coverage surge

The demand for coverage of events, exhibitions, and conferences in Saudi Arabia has seen a significant increase, with a surge in the number of event licenses issued. The launch of ‘Saudia Alaan’ aligns with the strategy of companies and institutions seeking to reach a large and diverse segment of the Saudi public.

With the introduction of ‘Saudia Alaan,’ Saudi Arabia looks forward to showcasing its progress, achievements, and cultural richness to a global audience, reinforcing its commitment to embracing innovation and modern media platforms.

According to Al-Harthi, the Saudi Broadcasting Authority has been actively collaborating with various organizations to enrich the content of the channel and deliver top-notch services. The launch of the channel is a response to the growing demand for coverage of events, activities, exhibitions, and conferences throughout the Kingdom. In 2022 alone, a remarkable 5,650 event licenses were issued, reflecting a significant 367 percent increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, the channel plays a crucial role in supporting the strategies of companies and institutions aiming to reach a broad and diverse audience in Saudi Arabia.

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Festive extravaganza

Saudi Arabia is gearing up to celebrate its 93rd National Day on September 23. Festive events and activities have been planned to commemorate the occasion, including the Azimuth music festival in AlUla featuring renowned artists, vibrant folk dance performances representing different regions of Saudi Arabia, art shows showcasing local talent, the thrilling Saudi Hawks Air Show, poetry recitations, mesmerizing fireworks displays, and an adrenaline-filled horse jumping competition. These celebrations aim to highlight the rich culture and patriotic spirit of Saudi Arabia, providing an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy the festivities.

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