On the road to their dream car

Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi and Al Ain offers customers vital support
On the road to their dream car
Darren Mark Abel, Brand Manager at Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

 With the automotive sector in the Gulf and the Middle East poised for robust growth, the role of car dealerships continues to evolve rapidly to ensure that driving a vehicle remains an exhilarating and exciting experience.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the largest markets in the GCC for automotive sales, accounting for about 60% of all vehicles sold in the region, according to estimates by Glasgow Research & Consulting. In the UAE, the government’s support for the automotive sector has led to the country emerging as one of the fastest-growing automobile markets in the region.

But in the era of digital decision-making and bespoke vehicle designs, purchasing a car today is all about the choices and the opportunities that empower customers to achieve their goals – whether they are about electric mobility, customisations in the cabin or tailored financing options.

It is this simple but powerful philosophy that has driven Porsche Financial Services for more than 30 years.

Because everyone’s ideal car is different, solutions crafted by Porsche Financial Services are always tailored to accommodate and accomplish the customers’ dreams.

It has also inspired a new benchmark for the automotive industry to follow – as an integrated premium financial services provider, every new product, finance offer, and service reflect the DNA of the world’s most successful sports car manufacturer.

In addition, rising inflation, volatile oil prices and the journey to net-zero that many countries in the region have embarked upon, have prompted a long-term rethink on the part of many car buyers on what their ideal wheels should look like and be powered by, along with a scrutiny of their emission technology.

While the spectre of inflation is certain to push the prices higher for almost all goods and services, thereby impacting consumer spending in the near term, devising bespoke financial plans for major purchases would be an effective solution. Indeed, it’s a boon for car lovers when the car manufacturer or the dealer rolls out a finance programme that leads them to their automotive destination.

Supporting customers with a wide range of financial options and benefits include highly flexible solutions that allow them to spread their vehicle repayments over a specific term.

At Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, while the cars are created following the legendary Porsche Principle, the flexible financing options are based on the customer’s own principles. That’s why the dealership supports customers with a Shari’a-compliant Murabaha Finance. Provided by a pure Islamic bank, Murabaha Finance features no charged interest and planning reliability to enable customers to be on the road driving their dream Porsche, without being distracted by the mundane modalities of financing their vehicle.

Porsche Financial Services also offers a Solutions programme, where customers can achieve their cherished goal of driving a Porsche and carry on with the next goal firmly in their sights. At the end of the agreement, customers can choose to trade their Porsche in for a new one, continue driving it, or hand it back under the buyback terms and conditions.

As the market for electric vehicles (EVs) grows at an astounding rate, Porsche is also glad be a key part of that growth with its own electric driving experience: the Taycan. Also offered in Turbo variants, the Taycan boasts pure emotion and maximum driving pleasure and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. As critically, it also accelerates the global journey to a sustainable and low-carbon future for its patrons.

Whether it’s driving the vision of the future or offering customers the customised flexibility to finance their dream, car dealerships must strive to be successful by focusing on what’s really important: the customer. At Porsche Financial Services, the route to success has been understanding the requirements and expectations of its customers better than anybody else. That’s why a Porsche customer’s dream is never an eternity in the making: it is always here and now.

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