Pangeos: The $8 bn massive floating turtle city that’s about to set sail in Saudi

Get your own piece of the terayacht with NFT crowdfunding
Pangeos: The $8 bn massive floating turtle city that’s about to set sail in Saudi
Pangeos (Photos from Lazzarini Design Studio)

The idea of Pangeos, a floating city that resembles a turtle and is named after the ancient supercontinent Pangea, could soon become a reality in Saudi Arabia. This futuristic terayacht is designed to bring together cutting-edge technology and sustainable living to create a unique and innovative living experience.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini, a well-known designer recognized for his innovative and visionary designs of motor vehicles, is the mastermind behind the impressive Pangeos proposal. This ambitious project is his latest undertaking, and he has presented a proposal that is set to be a remarkable feat of engineering and design. The creators designed Pangeos to embark on a global journey, starting from King Abdul Aziz Port in Saudi Arabia and sailing across the world.

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The proposed terayacht, Pangeos, will  offer an extensive range of amenities. These include rooftop gardens, malls, and international helicopter pads. It will also have resorts and numerous other structures on board. The design company have planned for the turtle-shaped city to be an impressive 650 meters wide and 600 meters long. This makes it a significant feat of design and engineering.

For reference, the current largest yacht, the Azzam, measures 180 meters in length, highlighting the ambitious scale of the Pangeos project.

Pangeos has the capacity to accommodate up to 60,000 guests, in addition to an unspecified number of crew members and staff.

Pangeos Saudi

Advanced technology

Designers utilized advanced technology to power Pangeos, the floating turtle town. The terayacht features nine high-temperature superconductor fully electric engines that enable it to maintain a steady speed of 5 knots. The designers of Pangeos have incorporated the use of wings to harness the power of waves and generate renewable energy.

Solar panels will be located on the rooftops of the terayacht. They will use these solar panels to supplement Pangeos’ energy needs. This makes Pangeos a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Pangeos Saudi

Huge investment 

Lazzarini estimates that building Pangeos would require a significant amount of money. The investment may range between $5 billion and $8 billion and it would be spread over eight years. This investment would cover the cost of building the necessary infrastructure. It would also cover the cost of hiring a skilled workforce. In addition, the investment would cover the cost of procuring the materials required to bring this ambitious project to life.

Pangeos Saudi

NFT crowdfunding initiative

As part of the project’s strategy, they launched an NFT crowdfunding initiative to acquire the necessary funding. Backers have a unique opportunity to invest in Pangeos. They can use cryptocurrency to purchase virtual space on the vessel within the metaverse. This allows them to be a part of the floating city’s future.

Interested buyers can now purchase properties ranging from regular passenger entrance tickets to terraces and super villas.

According to Lazzarini, the purchased NFT will not only serve as a deposit but also provide exclusive rights from the virtual to the real space. This means that NFT owners will have access to the corresponding physical space on Pangeos, once the project is completed.

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