With World Cup in rearview mirror, Qatar prepares more spectacular events

Qatar's economy remains robust, poised for continued growth
With World Cup in rearview mirror, Qatar prepares more spectacular events
Qatar leverages 2022 World Cup success for growth

Qatar is keen on capitalizing on the success of hosting the 2022 World Cup by seeking to host a new round of international events. The country is currently preparing to host a six-month horticultural expo in October, which is expected to attract up to one million foreign visitors. With mechanical diggers already at work, the expo will showcase the country’s commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

In addition to the horticultural expo, Qatar is also setting the stage for the second Qatar Formula One Grand Prix, which is scheduled for October 8th. The construction of a new race track is already underway, and the event is expected to draw thousands of motorsport fans from around the world.

Furthermore, Qatar has recently been announced as the host of the 24-nation basketball World Cup in 2027, despite having no traditional background in the sport. This announcement is a testament to the country’s growing reputation as a hub for international events and its ability to attract a diverse range of cultures and interests.

According to Culture Minister Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad bin Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatar has come a long way since launching the Years of Culture series with other countries a decade ago. It was initially a struggle to find candidates, but Qatar’s successful hosting of various events has now made it a sought-after destination for global events.

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Economy remains healthy


Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar’s economy remains healthy, with a trade surplus of nearly $100 billion recorded in 2022. The World Bank predicts that growth in 2023, bolstered by the country’s natural gas riches, will reach 3.4%, among the highest in the Middle East. This bodes well for Qatar’s future as a premier destination for international events and a growing force in the global economy.

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