Riyadh Air inks deal with GE Aerospace to boost new fleet

Partnership includes a service agreement to ensure airline's operational efficiency
Riyadh Air inks deal with GE Aerospace to boost new fleet
Landmark agreement signed between Riyadh Air and GE Aerospace

Riyadh Air made a strategic move towards powering its new fleet of 39 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft when it recently signed a deal with GE Aerospace at the Paris Air Show.

The agreement involves Riyadh Air’s acquisition of 90 GEnx-1B engines as well as a TrueChoice service agreement.

Riyadh Air has set ambitious goals for transforming Riyadh City into a hub for international travel. The airline plans to serve more than 100 destinations and cater to 100 million visitors by 2030.

Saudi’s new airline also aims to position itself as a leading carrier in terms of sustainability and customer experience.

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The partnership with GE Aerospace

This collaboration marks the airline’s first engine partnership with GE Aerospace. Riyadh Air is showing commitment to operating one of the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly fleets of aircraft.

The GEnx engine family has already made nearly 50 million flight hours since its introduction in 2011 and is also the fastest-selling high-thrust engine in GE history.

With almost 3,000 engines in service and on the backlog, with spares included, the GEnx engines have proven their reliability and efficiency.

Fuel efficiency and environmental benefits

The GEnx-1B engines offer exceptional fuel efficiency and environmental advantages. By utilizing lightweight and durable materials, coupled with advanced design processes, these engines reduce weight, enhance performance, and minimize maintenance requirements.

The GEnx engine is already deployed in two out of every three 787 aircraft currently in service. Compared to its competitors, it provides a 1.4% fuel burn savings for typical 787 missions, resulting in annual fuel savings of approximately $300,000 per airplane.

This translates to a significant reduction of over 2 million pounds of CO2 emissions per aircraft each year.

Strengthening Riyadh Air’s vision

Tony Douglas, CEO of Riyadh Air, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to enhancing Saudi Arabia’s connectivity with the world.

He reiterated Riyadh Air’s goal of establishing strong strategic relationships within the aviation industry and emphasized the airline’s aspiration to become one of the most sustainable and guest-centric carriers globally.

Russell Stokes, president and CEO of Commercial Engines and Services for GE Aerospace, also expressed his pride in partnering with Riyadh Air to fulfill its long-haul international routes.

Stokes highlighted the GEnx engine’s unique capabilities, including its power, fuel efficiency, and reduced CO2 emissions.

As the airline works towards its goal of connecting over 100 destinations by 2030, the partnership will play a crucial role in shaping Riyadh Air’s success and establishing Riyadh City as a prominent destination for business and leisure travelers.

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