Riyadh neighborhoods get a Royal renaming

New name, new development
Riyadh neighborhoods get a Royal renaming
Saudi Arabia's King Salman (Photo from SPA)

As a measure to aid in their progress, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has declared the renaming of two neighborhoods in Riyadh after his father, King Salman.

According to the Saudi state agency SPA, the neighborhoods previously known as “Al-Waha” and “Salah Al-Din” will now be called the “King Salman Neighborhood” and will undergo redevelopment to enhance their basic amenities and offer more leisure activities.

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With a size of 6.6 square kilometers and situated in the center of the city, the neighborhood borders King Salman Park and will feature Salmani architecture, which blends traditional and contemporary elements.

As per SPA, these developmental initiatives are intended to foster both demographic and economic expansion. The decision to rename the neighborhoods was taken to commemorate King Salman’s fifty-year tenure as a provincial leader in Riyadh.

Moreover, SPA revealed this undertaking is part of the Crown Prince’s developmental and environmental objectives to elevate Riyadh and position it as a significant economic and tourism hub on the world stage in alignment with Vision 2030.

What happens when a neighborhood is renamed?


When a new neighborhood is renamed, it often goes hand in hand with development initiatives aimed at improving the area’s infrastructure, services, and overall livability. This can include upgrading basic amenities such as water, electricity, and waste management, as well as introducing new community facilities like parks, schools, and healthcare centers. The redevelopment may also involve the construction of new housing, commercial spaces, and transportation options to accommodate a growing population. Essentially, the renaming of a neighborhood is often a signal of the local government’s commitment to investing in the area’s development and improving the quality of life for its residents.

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